qasr al watan palace

The beautiful cultural monument Qasr Al Watan invites you to learn about the rich heritage and legacy of knowledge that have defined the history of the UAE. Qasr Al Watan is the Presidential Palace and the residence of the President of the UAE, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Qasr Al Watan is more than simply a conventional palace; it emphasizes the country’s incredible history and broadens people’s awareness of its culture. With a design that is masterfully built to honour its Arabian heritage and creativity, the palace stands as a landmark of Abu Dhabi‘s skyline. As you enter the grounds, you’ll sense the majesty. The building’s open spaces and design reflect how important it is to Emirati culture. This was just a quick view of the reasons why you should plan a visit to this great structure, but there is much more.

You must visit Qasr Al Watan to:

1. To enjoy viewing the Great Hall

qasr al watan great hall

You will be welcomed into the spectacular Great Hall as soon as you pass through the palace’s imposing archways. One of the most spectacular sights of Qasr Al Watan is the Great Hall, which is ornate with intricate architectural details in earthy tones and gold that are spread throughout the interiors. But the great hall’s splendour doesn’t stop there; it also has a huge dome with a circumference of 37 metres that is covered in intricate patterns and is so beautiful you could gaze at it all day.

2. To be amazed by the “Power of Words”

You will come across the “Power Of Words,” a stunning gold building, as you are touring The Great Hall. The Arabic words from a Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nayan quotation that reads, “Wealth is not money or oil, wealth rests in people, and it is useless if not dedicated to serving the people,” are intertwined in this installation created by local artist Mattar Bin Lahej.

power of words

One of the Great Hall’s four art pieces is an elaborate depiction of the great founding father. You can even go inside the piece to take a photo of yourself inside it, making it the ideal Instagram location.

3. To widen your knowledge with a great variety of books

library at qasr al watan

The Qasr Al Watan Library should be your next stop after you’ve had a chance to take in The Great Hall’s opulence. The library has a large collection of 50,000 books covering a variety of topics, including science and literature concerning the United Arab Emirates. The Qasr Al Watan Library also has e-books, audio and multimedia materials, newspapers and journals, research articles, dissertations, and other literary resources. This is a distinctive addition to Abu Dhabi’s public library system and a wonderful location for bookworms to read endlessly.

4. To know more about the UAE’s diplomatic relationships with other countries

The room in the east wing of Qasr Al Watan, which houses diplomatic gifts that were exchanged with the UAE as a sign of good ties with other countries, is one of the leading exhibitions there. Vases, daggers, swords, and even a piece of cloth that covers the Holy Kaaba—gifts from Saudi Arabia to the United Arab Emirates—are among the artefacts you may find here.

5. To get closer to UAE’s spirit of collaboration

spirit of collaboration chamber

The “Spirit of Collaboration” chamber in the west wing is the next display in the Qasr Al Watan Palace. The UAE’s Federal Supreme Council and Cabinet convene here on a regular basis. Additionally, it serves as a venue for official summits for organizations including the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Gulf Cooperation Council, and the Arab League. A massive chandelier embellished with more than 25,000 crystals is one of the most striking things you can notice in this area. Because of its size, it actually has a staircase that only one person can use if repair is needed.

6. To enjoy the famed Emirati hospitality

Through its banquet hall, the Qasr Al Watan also offers a taste of renowned Emirati hospitality. You learn about the different types of dishes used in traditional banquets as well as the sets of distinctive china, crystal, and silver that are employed.

7. To have a look at some of the rarest books

Another one of the chambers in Qasr Al Watan where visitors may view some of the rare books and manuscripts as well as ancient pieces of calligraphy that date back centuries is called “The House of Knowledge.”

8. To enjoy the superbly crafted symbols

If you visit this presidential palace area, the Majlis, known as the Al Barza, is another sight you must see. When you’re here, pay close attention to the inside details because each emblem and design stands for something important about the UAE. The lofty columns were inspired by the waves lapping at the UAE coastline, while the motifs on the ceiling depict intertwined hands.

9. To know more about the story of the UAE

The Palace in Motion nighttime light and sound display is a magnificent evening entertainment that may be found among the variety of distinctive visual experiences that Qasr Al Watan offers. When night falls, guests may witness the presidential palace brighten the night with an amazing multimedia production that projects a three-act narrative onto the façade of the building.

The story is projected onto the palace’s façade using 52 projectors, and Qasr Al Watan has a dedicated show technology team that ensures the projection is exactly and perfectly reflected. What one might not realise is how intricately this experience is orchestrated. The team in question runs a test show after every performance to make any required adjustments and confirm that every projector is correctly aligned because even the slightest deviation can dramatically change the projection.

night show at the qasr al watan palace

Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. for a 15-minute length, light effects are projected onto the Palace’s external walls along with narration that depicts the UAE’s past, present, and future.

10. To savour some dining options

There are numerous dining options for different preferences and price ranges. In the central Palace area, there are two sit-down restaurants: “Dhiyafat Qasr Al Watan” and “Al Fowala.” Try “Maqha Al Maktaba” within the library if you’d prefer a cafe. Legman is a grab-and-go restaurant with locations in the visitor centre, Zayed Gate, and the main palace.

No matter how much you read about this magnificent miracle, you won’t get a real feel of it till you visit it! So when are you planning to go there since now you have all the convincing reasons to do so?