apartments in dubai marina

Dubai Marina is a place of modern amenities and panoramic views. If you have just started living in Dubai and you are looking to find an apartment there, you will have tonnes of options ranging from under 1,200 sq. ft. on a small scale to a large scale exceeding 1,700 sq. ft. This article will help you to discover some of the best 2-bedroom apartments in Dubai Marina according to your family’s needs.

2-Bedroom Apartments In Dubai Marina:-

Studio One Tower

Located in the waterfront community, Studio One Tower is a freehold residential building offering splendid views of Blue Water Island. It has over 31 floors with many excellent 2-bedroom apartments.

The best thing about the location of Studio One Tower is its proximity; it’s very near to major business hubs like Dubai Media City and Hebel Ali Industrial Zone and is conveniently close to the entry and exit points of Sheikh Zayed Road.

  • The average rental cost for 2-bedroom apartments is 92,000 AED per annum.

Marina Diamonds

Marina Diamonds is a cluster of apartments that offers the best 2-bedroom apartments in Dubai Marina of small size (under 1,200 sq. ft.). This is a perfect location for people who rely on the public transport system for travelling as it is close to several public transport services in Dubai. Some shared facilities at Marina Diamonds include a sauna, steam room, pool, and jacuzzi facilities.

  • The average rental cost for 2-bedroom apartments is 69,000 AED per annum.

The Torch

This iconic tower is popular as one of the city’s tallest buildings. Its close proximity to areas like Dubai Knowledge Park and JBR makes it an ideal place for people who travel there frequently. The Torch offers more than 600 flats so you will not have the problem of shortage in terms of choices.

Residents of The Torch enjoy facilities like a pool, sauna, parking spaces, barbecue areas, etc. The Torch is also known as The Marina Torch and Dubai Torch Tower.

  • The average rental cost for 2-bedroom apartments is 78,000 AED per annum.

Marina Gate

Located very near to Dubai Marina Walk, Marina Gate promises an exquisite lifestyle. The residents enjoy jaw-dropping sceneries from their windows; they also have direct access to the famous beachfront walkway and its high-end restaurants. The destination of utmost attraction is the stunning infinity pool for the tenants of Marina Gate.

  • The average rental cost for 2-bedroom apartments is 138,000 AED per annum.

Emirates Crown

A place for large apartments located near Palm Jumeirah, Emirates Crown is one of the best places to find a living space in. From the architecture to living amenities, everything is world-class. There are also several shared facilities like a communal swimming pool, concierge services, etc.

  • The average rental cost for 2-bedroom apartments is 119,000 AED per annum.

Dec Towers

Dec Towers is a two-tower residential property that offers large-scale 2-bedroom apartments so it is ideal for people looking for a spacious abode. It’s located within walking distance of Marina Walk and its residents have to drive for about 5-10 minutes to reach the iconic beach. Shared amenities for the tenants include sports facilities, a kid’s play area, a jogging area, steam, and a sauna.

  • The average rental cost for 2-bedroom apartments is 81,000 AED per annum.

Mag 218 Tower

Located in close proximity to some of the city’s best leisure spots like Dubai Marina Mall, Mag 218 Tower is a freehold residential skyscraper with more than 500 units that includes the most exquisite 2-bedroom apartments in Dubai Marina. Entering this tower will get you a myriad of options to choose an apartment from. It’s perfect for people looking for a bigger space as you can find residential units as big as 1,800 sq. ft. in area. The shared facilities here are one of the best ones; sauna, pool, daycare centre, barbecue area, steam room, sports facilities, and many more.

  • The average rental cost for 2-bedroom apartments is 103,000 AED per annum.

That is all from our side on the rental spaces available in Dubai Marina. It is good to get an overview of a place before jumping into details about your potential abode. For an in-depth consultancy to discuss the pros and cons of the area you are interested in, you can make an appointment with Skyloov’s agent. You can also consider 2-bedroom apartments in Dubai Sports City before you decide to move.