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General Introduction To Ain Dubai

Living in Dubai is always exciting. An emirate that constantly reinvents itself. There is always plenty to see and do, from record-breaking landmarks to various mind-blowing activities. The world’s largest observation wheel, Ain Dubai, is an attraction you should always take advantage of while visiting Dubai. Since its unveiling, the new wheel has attracted much interest and anticipation. The 250-metre structure is a prestigious asset in Dubai Holding’s entertainment portfolio. Ain Dubai is the place to go if you want to have mesmerising views of Dubai while hanging high in the sky. However, there is some important information that you need to learn before you go there. This article will tell you everything you need to know before living this once-in-a-lifetime experience. So, let the adventure begin.

Why Is It Called Ain Dubai?

Ain means “eye” in Arabic. You will view Dubai with this eye like you have never seen it before. The reason is that it will take you up high until you reach 250 metres in the air. The fun does not stop here. For the whole 48 minutes that you spend on one ride, you will have an LED screen that gives you detailed information on Dubai’s fascinating landmarks that you will spot. You might have guessed right, as these landmarks include the Burj Al-Arab, the Burj Khalifa, and the Palm Jumeirah.

height comparison of ain dubai

The Ain Dubai stands 250 metres tall. It exceeds the heights of the High Roller in Las Vegas (168 metres), the Singapore Flyer (165 metres), the Star of Nanchang in China (160 metres), and the London Eye (135 metres). In addition to the views mentioned above, Ain Dubai offers 360-degree views of the city.

Ain Dubai’s Experience and Packages

Ain Dubai provides several packages to choose from; enjoy the experience that suits you best. In the following few lines, you will briefly explain each package. Get ready and read carefully.

Shared observation cabinets

From the comfort of an air-conditioned cabin, take in an Arabian sunset or a sparkling nighttime skyline. There are 38 minutes of sheer fun in the shared capsule-shaped environment. Take images of well-known locations, including The Palm, Dubai Marina, and the Burj Al Arab, with your phone or camera.

You can access all that for the following prices, which vary according to the people and the time.

Ain Dubai Views: For one person, you need to pay AED 130. It is cheaper for kids, as you only have to pay AED 100. With this money, you can enjoy the sunset option in a shared cabin with other viewers.

Ain Dubai Family Pass: For AED 370, you can have two adults and two kids who will enjoy the sunset if they prefer to do so with other viewers.

For AED 450, you can have two adults and two children who will enjoy the sunset with other viewers if they wish, as well as a beverage and a drink.

The Social Experience in the Premium Cabin

ain dubai premium cabin

With the premium cabin, you will be greeted like a VIP or visit the Skybar to refresh with drinks. The Seaview Lounge in Ain Dubai offers three different types of beverage-inclusive tickets along with a luxurious check-in option. For the finest experience, get there 45 minutes earlier.

You can have all the joy of the premium for one person in a shared cabin, where you can have refreshments and get access to the Seaview lounge for AED 380.

For AED 200, you will have the Ain vibes. This option allows one to enjoy a shared premium cabin with lounge access and two house drinks!

Private Cabin

ain dubai private cabin

The private cabin is customised to suit different types of events. With its capacity to hold up to 10 people, you can hold parties, birthdays, wedding ceremony venues and even business gatherings. They are going to be unforgettable events without any doubt. Here is more information about the prices that you need to pay to enjoy such an experience:

For AED 775, you can get the Celebrate Ain Dubai Club package, which includes a private cabin, lounge access, and F&B credit.

For AED 4,700, you can celebrate the Ain Dubai Plus experience with a private cabin, lounge access, and drinks packages.

Now that you have mentioned the packages, it is essential to draw your attention to the fact that all prices provided are starting prices. Moreover, people about 12 years of age are considered adults, and children under 3 get free access.

Events that You can Witness in Ain Dubai

You have many chances to make your event spectacular at the Dubai Eye, from gala dinners and star-studded performances to grand product launches. The venue also provides a variety of indoor and outdoor event areas for up to 10,000 visitors. Through various enjoyable activities, kids can also learn about the science used in the structure’s construction.

When and How to Get To Ain Dubai

Bluewaters Island is home to Ain Dubai. If you are driving a car, take Exit 31 and proceed in the direction of Bluewaters Island if you are travelling along Sheikh Zayed Road in the direction of Abu Dhabi. If you choose public transportation, you should know that Jumeirah Beach Residence Tram Station and DMCC Metro Station are the closest public transportation hubs. For individuals who desire to take the Dubai Ferry, Bluewaters Island also has a Marine Transport Station.

Now that we are done with the how part, we can move to “when”.

Ain Dubai is open on Tuesdays & Wednesdays, from 10 AM to 9 PM and Thursday to Saturday, from 12 PM to 9 PM.

Have you ever visited this place? Are you planning to go there this winter to enjoy Dubai’s views, as you have never done before? It is going to be an experience that you will not forget. Share your feedback in the comment section down below. We cannot wait to hear from you!