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The real estate market in Dubai is vast. It does not matter if you are moving there with a tight budget with all the living expenses in mind or with deep pockets, you can always find a place for an abode. We have prepared a list of areas where you can find the best apartments for rent in Dubai. Dubai real estate offers unlimited choices, but we have compiled a list where you can vibe with the world-class living standards Dubai offers without breaking your bank.

Best Areas with Affordable Apartments for Rent in Dubai

Dubai has no shortages of properties available for rent. It is up to you to define your priorities and budget, and then you are good to select from hundreds of available options. We have compiled a list of areas that offer comparatively affordable rental apartments in Dubai without lowering the standard of amenities and facilities. Here goes:

Apartments For Rent In Al Nahda

The first entry on this list is the community located on the border of Dubai and Sharjah – Al Nahda. It was developed initially as an industrial area but evolved quickly into a popular residential neighborhood. Apartments in Al Nahda are economical and preferable over other areas if you are planning to move in with your family as they are spacious equipped with modern amenities.

Despite being an industrial hub, Al Nahda is on this list because of the living standard it promises. The multicultural community is a plus point amalgamated with tall buildings with apartments that offer world-class facilities.

  • One-Bed Apartment: 36,000 AED
  • Two-Bed Apartment: 47,000 AED

Dubai Silicon Oasis

The next one on this list is Dubai Silicon Oasis. It is an emerging neighborhood and the apartments offer modern living facilities and design. It is projected the rental costs will increase manifold in DSO as the area is showing promise in business projects.

The demand for residential units has seen an increase in recent months with the growth of businesses hance increase in job opportunities. Also, the apartments here are available at low prices at the moment. This makes Dubai Silicon Oasis equally popular among renters and investors.

  • One-Bed Apartment: 38,000 AED
  • Two-Bed Apartment: 60,000 AED

Jumeirah Village Circle or JVC

This is the most popular residential area in Dubai among families. Jumeirah Village Circle is enormous; it has more than 30 vast parks, high-standard schools, and hundreds of residential units that offer a high-end lifestyle.

If you live in JVC, you enjoy two lifestyles side by side. On one hand, you are living in an urban community where you enjoy all the modern lifestyle amenities. On the other hand, you get to feel the peaceful setting like you are away from hustle and bustle. Also, the location is ideal as you can commute between several major Dubai localities easily.

  • One-Bed Apartment: 46,000 AED
  • Two-Bed Apartment: 67,000 AED


Deira is another area on our list of affordable apartments for rent in Dubai. It is one of the oldest communities in the UAE and, henceforth, famous for its traditional spices and ornaments. Buildings here do not have modern architecture as they are old, but they are very well kept and maintained. This is a perfect place for people who like to feel attached to their roots.

  • One-Bed Apartment: 45,000 AED
  • Two-Bed Apartment: 65,000 AED

Bur Dubai

This is another historical district in Dubai where you can find nice apartments at reasonable rental prices. There are several tourist attractions, souks, and because the apartments here offer a high-end lifestyle, Bur Dubai is becoming popular quickly.

Bur Dubai is located on the western side of Dubai Creek. The neighborhood is ideal for both singles and families. The lifestyle it offers is unmatched when put up against the costs.

  • One-Bed Apartment: 49,000 AED
  • Two-Bed Apartment: 67,000 AED

This wraps up our list of affordable apartments in Dubai available for rent. We hope this helps you in finding a good abode for a living. If you are specifically looking for one-bed apartments in Dubai, you can check out our guide here.