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Have you always wanted to fly in the sky and fly around the world with planes? Or would you rather go into aeronautical engineering? You will need the appropriate certificate from a recognised aviation school in Dubai to pursue such a career. Fortunately, there are a number of flying academies in the emirate that will help you pursue such aspirations. These are some of the best aviation schools in Dubai, offering everything from flying lessons on Airbus A320 simulators to aviation and crew training courses.

Jetstream Aviation Academy

JETSTREAM Dubai Aviation Academy is the first of our best aviation schools in Dubai. As an established Approved Training Organization (ATO), they are also a certified flight and Type Rating Training Organization (FTO/TRTO). JETSTREAM’s training portfolio includes an Airline First Officer course as well as Type Ratings for aircrafts such as the A320, A340, and A310. They operate under European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), and UAE regulations. Additional courses include the following:

one of the top aviation schools in dubai
  • Helicopter Pilot Training: Available to professional helicopter pilots and those with no prior flying experience. The training equipment used here includes aircraft such as the Bell, Robinson R22 or R44 helicopter. Successful applicants receive an EASA license.
  • Aircraft Maintenance: This 24-month course program includes theoretical and practical training. It is perfect for candidates pursuing a career as a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME).
  • Cabin Crew: JETSTREAM Cabin Crew Training helps you explore job opportunities with partner airlines. They will also help you with the English language training. This is a Hellenic CAA-approved course.

Emirates Aviation Services LLC

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Next in our pick of the best aviation schools in Dubai, UAE is Emirates Aviation Services. The institution was founded in 1989 with the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum. This was Dubai’s first GCAA-certified flight school. One of the best pilot training schools in Dubai, the flight training courses here cover the following areas:

  • Private Pilot License (PPL). With a minimum requirement of 200 flight hours, this course includes comprehensive training in CPL, IR, MER and PPL followed by ground and flight training.
  • License Conversion. This course is intended for applicants who have obtained a license from other states under a contract with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Members must pass the UAE Medical, UAE Aviation Law and PPC Flight Test to successfully convert their foreign license to a UAE Private Pilot License.

Emirates Aviation University

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Emirates Aviation University comes in third place among the best aviation schools in Dubai. Also a good place for aviation safety courses in Dubai. This institute specializes in aviation management, aviation engineering and aviation safety. Divided into postgraduate, undergraduate, basic and professional education, Emirates Aviation University offers an incredibly rich range of aviation courses. The most notable features of this Emirates aviation school in Dubai are as follows:

  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineering: This course is delivered in collaboration with Coventry University in the UK. Relevant to maintenance engineers, the two-year (part-time) curriculum is designed specifically to extend knowledge in aspects like aircraft safety and quality management.
  • Aviation Security: Comprised of five modules, the Masters in Aviation Safety and Aviation Security (MASAS) course prepares students to deal with issues concerning human factors, operations and risk management in aviation.
  • Aviation Management: The Aviation Management programme is an 18-month part-time MBA course that attracts professionals looking to broaden their skills in this field.

ECOLE Hoteliere Helvetique (EHH)

EHH operates with a greater focus on the hospitality and tourism sectors. EHH also offers comprehensive aviation programs focused on the unified professional certification of professional applicants. Courses offered at this flight training academy in Dubai include:

  • Airport: Earn certifications in various areas of airport operations by completing a 3-month professional diploma or a 6-month professional course. This includes airport operations, strategic planning and decision-making.
  • Ground Handling: This course prepares potential ground personnel for busy airports. This includes training on the various tasks performed by handling teams and hands-on training.
  • Airlines: This course includes theoretical and practical training in aviation safety, operations, management, and more.

Aviation Training Centre LLC

The Institute is accredited by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Aviation Training Center provides a platform for regulatory training and personal development training. It gives candidates a head start in the technical and managerial aspects of aviation, especially as it relates to freight. The courses offered here include the following areas:

  • Safety and Security Training: This program includes certificate courses in areas such as air transport of infectious substances, ramp security management and basic cargo handling, which is to name just a few.
  • Air Freight Training: This course includes certificate courses in areas such as perishable and temperature-sensitive goods, special cargo handling, fundamentals of the human factor in aviation, etc. Example: The Live Animals Regulations is designed to provide participants with information about the carriage of live cargo by air – a 14-hour course that allows candidates to test and verify see if live goods are handled according to regulations.
  • Soft Skills Training: Focusing on personal development, soft skills courses are offered including cultural awareness, motivational skills, the art of delegation, organizational skills as well as awareness of health and lifestyle security, among other courses.

Airborne Aviation

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Airborne Aviation is a South African flight school based in Dubai. They are ideal for anyone interested in obtaining a Private Pilot’s License (PPL) or a Commercial Pilot’s License (CPL). The trainers used by this flight school are considered the best for ab-initio flight training in Dubai. Additional training equipment including state-of-the-art flight simulators prepares cadets before they enter the actual cockpit. Courses offered in this regard are as follows:

  • Private Pilot License (PPL): This course includes a minimum of 40 hours of Cessna 172 or 152 flight training as well as 45 hours of ground learning.
  • Commercial Pilot License (CPL): Aimed at making students capable of flying – pay or lease – this course includes 200 hours of flight time, including 20 hours on a flight simulator, 5 enhanced flight hours as well as other requirements.
  • Ground Schools: The service provides two aboveground schools. Students who want to obtain a PPL license must study aviation law. Those who wish to obtain a CPL license can choose to take a radio assistance course
  • Instrument Rating (IR): Usually conducted in conjunction with CPL training, this course aims to enable pilots to effectively control the aircraft using flight and navigation equipment without reference to the ground or horizon.
  • Air Transport Pilot License (ATPL): An integrated course, that aims to make pilot trainees qualified to operate as co-pilots on multi-engine aircraft and pilots in commercial air transport.

Furthermore, aspirants must be physically fit according to the GCAA and the South African Civil Aviation Authority standards. Overall, Airborne Aviation is deserving of the title of Best Flight School in Dubai.

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