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Top beaches for camping in the UAE.

With its beautiful scenery, never-ending mountains, and beaches, the UAE is one of the most incredible spots for campers. The relaxing waves and gentle, fresh air on UAE beaches have attracted many travellers who are always looking for new areas to camp. The best beach camping places in the UAE with exquisite peacefulness may captivate everyone and fulfil all campers’ needs. So, pack your bags, pitch your tents, and take in some fresh air as we explore the most fabulous beach camping places in the UAE.

Al Rafaah Beach

al rafaah beach camping

Umm Al Quwain is a well-known destination in the UAE, and the Al Rafaah beach nearby is a must-see! It is commonly known as Umm Al Quwain Beach. One of the best spots for fishing and camping. Every year, many people camp here and enjoy recreational activities. Al Rafaah Beach is the finest place to go if you want to fish. So, bring your fishing pole and have a feast while camping. Al Rafaah Beach is home to a wide variety of wild birds, including flamingos. The Dreamland Aqua Park near the beach is an added feature that provides a fun time for families. You can quickly get to the park and let your children play!

The Al Aqah Beach

camping spot at al aqah beach

You can find a splendid beach for camping only three hours away from Dubai. It is not only close but also easy to get there. The road there is simple so you can reach there with your standard sedan car. There is no need to get that expensive 4×4. This beach is ideal for people who want to try camping as a new hobby, especially if they also enjoy swimming. So there you can have fun, like cooking delicious meals on the campfire while savouring the sounds of the waves.

Shuweihat Island

shuweihat island beach for camping

Shuweihat Island is the ideal beach in the UAE for experienced campers and those looking to experience the true joys of camping. It is one of the best places for experienced campers and boaters. There are better places to go camping if this is your first time. The road to Shuweihat Island is tricky, and you must get there with a 4×4. The low tidal waves and rugged cliffs make getting here difficult. Still, once there, you will be captivated by this spot’s ultimate beauty and solitude. Because there are no neighbouring resorts, bring all your camping necessities. Also, bring your jacket, as it can get cold during the winter.

Al Dhafra Beach

al dhafra beach

Here is another calming beach for people who are in love with the sea and water activities. Head to this beach in a not-so-complicated way. You may need to get a Jeep or a 4WD. Once there, you will be mesmerised by the white sand and the soothing waves. They are only sometimes soft. At times, they can get high, so you need to check the tide charts before planning to go there. At this beach, you can enjoy swimming and diving and view wild birds and sea animals.

Heart Beach, KhorFakkan

Heart beach camping at khor fakan

Now, we will be heading to Sharja to discover another natural jewel. Heart beach is one of the most loved beaches by campers with years of experience. They travel long distances to enjoy a relaxing vacation there.

This spot is a perfect choice if you want some alone time. It is far from any restaurants and resorts, so it seldom gets crowded. That is the main reason they call it “the secret beach.” Be sure to pack everything you need, as buying anything there can take a lot of work. Once you make it there, you will be captivated by the beach and the sounds of birds. The Heart beach is also an excellent location for water sports. You can bring your kayak and have the time of your life.

Fujairah Beach

beaches in fujairah

This beach is a new, easy option for beginner campers. Head to Fujairah beach to enjoy camping time even if you do not have enough equipment. Because this beach is famous and popular, it can get pretty packed during weekends. However, going there during the weekdays is a truly unique experience. It gives you time to unwind and relax, enjoy swimming, and view the stars from your tent.

Al Mirfa Beach

Al mirfa beach

Al Mirfa Beach in the United Arab Emirates is an excellent location for watersports, diving, and boating. Beautiful scenery, wild birds, silky sands, and waves will offer you a one-of-a-kind experience. Previously, it was known as Al Gharbia. The neighbourhood is safe and serene, and the weather is pleasant all year. So, regardless of the weather, you can camp here. Every year in April, this location hosts the 10-day Al-Dhafra Water sports Festival. As the only developed area there, it remains crowded during weekends. Try to plan to go there on weekdays and enjoy great time swimming.

You now have a list of camping beaches. Some are perfect for beginner campers. Others are better suited for experienced ones. However, they all can offer you a unique and captivating camping trip. Have you visited any of these beaches recently? Are you planning to visit any? Are there other beaches that you would like to add to this list? Tell us all about it in the comment section down below.