luxury desert camp in dubai

Looking for an exciting adventure among the calming colours of the desert? Dubai is your utmost destination. You might have tried some other activities like scuba diving or hot air balloon rides here in the UAE. But spending time in the desert is a totally different experience. Among the other top places you can visit in Dubai, the desert is a place where you can visit and camp for some days, forget about the hectic life, take amazing photos, and enjoy time alone or with friends and family. You can either have a wonderful staycation at a resort in the desert or you can spend the night and have some fun at a desert camp. The only question, though, is where to go and how to start this journey. Leave that task to us! All you need to do is read about the best desert camps in Dubai and choose the ones that suit you best.

5 Excellent Camps in Dubai

1. Starlight Camp

If you are looking for a magical night in the desert, then Starlight Camp is your best choice. You can stay in a crystal tent and relish the views around you, especially during the night. Moreover, this camp offers you various amenities such as a private showering room, dinnerware area, air-conditioner, outdoor seating area, crystal roof tent, and free snacks and drinks. The price starts at AED 2400 for two people.

2. Sand Sherpa

Would you like to meet some unique desert birds and animals? Sand Sherpa is your place to go! It is the only camp that gives you the chance to stay at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. In these camp trailers, you will find first-class facilities such as lavatories, showers, camping trailers, tents, seating set up, 4×4 cars (optional), barbecue, refrigerator, and freezer. The price starts at AED 1500 for two people.

3. Platinum Heritage

This camp is for those who are looking to have an authentic Bedouin experience. You can go there during the day or at night. It is all your choice. Do not miss the chance to have an amazing time trying camel riding and watching falconry and fire shows. This camp offers you some luxurious services like Bedouin tents, fire shows, falconry shows, cultural entertainment, dining options, and hot air balloon rides. The price starts at AED 595 for adults.

4. Magic Camps

As its name suggests, you can have a magical and romantic night with your partner, family members or friends at this magnificent camp. The luxurious comfort you will enjoy is something you will never find anywhere else! Some of the services and facilities offered at this camp are private bathrooms and toilets, lavish tents, dining set up, high-quality furnishings, seating area (Majlis), and cultural and entertainment programmes. The price starts at AED 8,500 per night for two people.

5. Al Khayma

What sets this camp apart from other camps is that it gives you the chance to enjoy sitting in the red Arabian tents with their special decorations. In addition to that, you have one of the most amazing dining experiences as you get the chance to taste Arabian food cooked the traditional way. Some of the amenities this camp offers are lavatories, sitting areas, drinks, dining facilities, camels, and various shows. For one day, it is AED 512 for one person.

Some Final Thoughts

Dubai continues to offer an amazing experience for both visitors and residents. If you are fed up with all the amazing stuff in the city and all its wonderful buildings, towers, and hotels, go to the desert! You are going to have an amazing experience of a lifetime there. Which of the camps we mentioned in our article have you tried before? Which one are you going to try soon?