emirates id status

Checking the status of your Emirates ID has become very easy recently. The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) allows UAE residents to check their Emirates ID status online. Apart from checking the status of renewal or replacement, you can submit an application for a new Emirates ID too. This article guides you through the procedure of checking Emirates ID status online.

How to Check your Emirates ID Status Online

Emirates ID is an essential document to stay in the UAE. It is necessary for almost every important government process. You need Emirates ID for a driving license; you need Emirates ID to apply for a job; you need your Emirates ID to rent an apartment in the UAE.

Following is how to check your Emirates ID status through ICA’s website:

  • Visit the ICA website
  • Go to the ID Card Status page
  • In the slots that appear, enter your application number and IDN number
  • Click on ‘check’
  • The next page will display details about your Emirates ID. These details include all information including application type, application number, Emirates ID number, and current status.

What are the Application Number and IDN Number?

The application number is also known as the PRAN number. It is located on your Emirates ID application form. The IDN number is the actual Emirates ID card number.

How to View your Complete Timeline?

There is an ‘Application History Log’ where you can check the complete timeline of your Emirates ID application.

  • Application submission date
  • Information verification date
  • Card printing date
  • The date on which the card was sent to be dispatched

That is our brief guide on how to check Emirates ID Status. If you come across any query, you can contact 600 522 222. Online checking is totally free of cost. You can also check your UAE visa status online. We have also prepared a guide for there here.