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If you live in Abu Dhabi or travel there frequently, you must know all about Darb Toll, especially if you follow our articles. To make the lives of drivers easier, Darbi also offers an application that can be downloaded to a mobile phone, and in our articles today, you will learn more about this application.

What is a Darbi application?

The Abu Dhabi Darbi application has interactive maps that provide you with all the information you need to determine your route. In addition to that, it gives the users tips that help them drive within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Using the official Darbi app or website, you may plan your trip by looking up the available means of transportation, the time it will take to get there, the current traffic situation, and other relevant factors. Through this application, you can view the routes of cruise and air routes to and from the capital, as the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport has listed 9 smart services in the field of air transport through the Darbi application, and the services include information about airport buildings, airport services, flight information, business management services, parking information, airline guides, baggage laws and regulations, hotels, and many more.

What Services Does it Provide?

abu dhabi public transportation bus system
  • Parking locations
  • Parking for people of determination
  • Parking in the commercial centres
  • Locations of toll-collecting devices
  • Ferry routes
  • Bus routes to ferry terminals
  • Taxi ordering service
  • The fare calculation service
  • Auto sharing
  • Banks
  • Government offices
  • Hospital websites
  • Locations of mosques
  • Hotels
  • Locations of restaurants, schools, and shopping malls
  • Darbi also provides a list of Abu Dhabi events and their dates.

How to Register on the Darbi Application:

In order to create a new Darbi account, you can do it through their official website or through the mobile application. Once the account has been created, you can register your vehicle. But for private and commercial vehicles, the registration process is slightly different. To create the account, you need the following details.

  • Valid email address
  • The traffic code number
  • The mobile number registered in the traffic file
  • Emirates ID

Download the Darbi app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

  • Click “Register Now”.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Confirm your account by entering the password sent to your email address.
  • Select the emirate in which your vehicle is registered.
  • Enter your traffic file number.
  • Enter an active mobile phone number.
  • Enter the password sent to the mobile phone number that you have added.
  • Select the password to complete the registration.

What Are the Registration Fees?

A registration fee of AED 100 must be paid for each vehicle, of which AED 50 will be returned as a credit to the registered account wallet.

How Do You Pay for a Parking Service with Darbi?

abu dhabi parking system with darbi app

The Darbi application allows motorists to use the balance available in the Darbi e-wallet to pay parking fees, and this saves them time and effort as it provides them with a convenient and flexible 9digital payment option for parking without the need to send a text message (SMS), as was the case in the past. This saves the clients and customers good amounts of money.

ITC confirmed that the new service is quick and easy for customers. All they have to do is to perform a few steps. First, they need to click on the “Pay for Parking” icon in the Darbi smartphone app and then complete the rest.

They need to initially choose the car, the category of parking space (standard or premium), and the number of hours required. Then, they should confirm the transaction and pay the parking fee through the app. The fees are deducted directly from the amount in the e-wallet allocated to each vehicle on the Darbi app.


The Darbi application saves users a lot of time and effort, so have you tried it before, and which services did you use? Are there other services that we did not mention in our article? Add your opinion in the comments. We are eager to hear the opinions of users of the Darbi smartphone app!