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Marriage is the basic unit of a family system; it is a commitment to a promising future. Getting married is quite convenient especially when it comes to court marriage in the UAE. Everyone wants their big day to be memorable and exquisite. Whether you are planning a romantic wedding or a modern soiree, the UAE shall never disappoint you!

This article will take a dig into the legal requirements both for nationals and expatriates in the UAE. Read on to get yourself familiar with the procedure and required documents for a court marriage.

So, what is a Court Marriage?

According to UAE law, marriage is only a legal bond between a man and a woman. This allows them to form a couple and establish a family. The legal contact, based on Sharia Law, protects the rights of the couple and their children.

A court marriage is a marriage that is recognized by the law but does not have a religious context. However, such marriage has full recognition by the state.

Some Pre-Marital Requirements in the UAE

If you want to get married in the UAE, you have to meet certain requirements to apply for a court marriage.

  • Bride’s consent to the marriage
  • The couple must have a pre-marital screening certificate issued by the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi or the Dubai Health Authority
  • If you and your partner reside in Dubai, one of you should have a UAE residency visa
  • In the case of other emirates, both the bride and groom must be UAE residents.

Court Marriage of Muslims in the UAE

The marriage of a Muslim couple is concluded under the Sharia Law provisions. As the name implies, it is mandatory for both the bride and groom to be Muslims. The Sharia Law provisions apply to all Muslim couples regardless of their nationality.

According to the law, a Muslim man can marry a non-Muslim woman as long as she is Ahl-al-Kitaab or from the People of the Book. However, a Muslim woman is not permitted to marry a non-Muslim man. Also, the marriage law in the UAE allows polygamy; a Muslim male can have up to four wives if he is able to provide equal treatment to all.

Legal Requirements

  • A marriage contract must be registered with the Sharia Court in the UAE
  • The bride and groom must be over 18 Hijri years. Under 18 cannot get married unless a judge approves it
  • A spouse’s age must not be twice the other. However, an exception can be made if the judge approves it
  • The bride’s father or his proxy must be there. The bride must have the consent of her father. Also, two male witnesses are required
  • In the case of a Muslim bride whose father is a non-Muslim, she must submit a ‘No Objection’ letter from her embassy or consulate.

Court Marriage of Non-Muslims in the UAE

A non-Muslim couple can conduct the wedding ceremony at the consulate or the embassy of their origin country. Moreover, they can also arrange the occasion at the place of their worship – a temple or a church. For these marriages, a marriage certificate is processed with the Judicial Department of the UAE.

Special Cases

Marriage is not alien to exceptions; there are special cases in the marital bond as well. For example, if a foreigner wants to marry a UAE national, good conduct and behaviour certificate must be acquired from the Police Departments in UAE; this is needed to process the marriage application.

However, if the Emirati woman has obtained citizenship through extension, she cannot process the marriage application to marry a foreigner.

Documents Required for Court Marriage in the UAE

The couple planning to go to court for marriage must furnish the following documents:

  • Original birth certificates
  • Proof of UAE residency (guardian or self)
  • Original Passports and their copies
  • Fitness certificate
  • Valid Emirates ID
  • A certificate or proof of marital status for both parties. It is to be issued or certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Depending on the scenario, the documents required are subject to change.

UAE is one of the most glamourous and romantic places to tie a knot. If you have plans to arrange your wedding ceremony in the UAE, make sure you have all the necessary documents. Being disciplined documents-wise quickens the experience of processing the marriage application.

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