All About District 2020 and its Future after the Expo
All About District 2020 and its Future after the Expo
All About District 2020 and its Future after the Expo
All About District 2020 and its Future after the Expo
All About District 2020 and its Future after the Expo

Expo 2020 is going on in its full glory at present. But here is a question, what happens to the Expo site after the Expo ends in March 2022? Well, UAE is not the country that disappoints in architectural terms and that won’t change with the site of the Expo – the District 2020.

District 2020 is a concept for a smart and sustainable city built at the Expo 2020 site after it ends. The site of Expo 2020 would be converted into a large-scale tech-driven community powered by clean energy initiatives. In short, District 2020 will inherit the legacy of Expo 2020 and carry it will full strength.

The Future of Expo 2020: District 2020

Expo 2020 is an ongoing global event featuring 192 countries. It aims to connect countries and organizations around the globe to come up with practical solutions for the most critical challenges being faced by the world and this planet. Each country has its own pavilion in expo 2020 that offers the visitors a glimpse into that country’s art, culture, and heritage.

After Expo 2020 ends in March 2022, the site where the Expo is taking place will be converted into District 2020. It would be a full-fledged tech-driven human community with residential and commercial areas, entertainment units, and much more.

Let’s take a look at how life in the new community would be.

District 2020: A Human-Centric Community

Even before its establishment, the community is already among families. District 2020 is set out to become a human-centric community that promises a good work-life balance. Any ambitious professional in UAE can tell you that the swift lifestyle of the country disrupts the social connectivity among peers and families. District 2020 aims to change that.

The residential spaces will be truly from the future – modern and equipped with the latest tech amenities. The residential areas will include all facilities you need for an optimal living including schools, vehicle routes, pedestrian walkaways and retails strips.

Holistic Lifestyle

As mentioned above, the new community is going to be a human-centric community. It will be developed undertaking all aspects of human needs – social, professional, health, etc. This site is going to be perfect for people who incorporate healthy rituals into their life routines. District 2020 is set to feature five kilometers of jogging pathways, ten kilometers of bike tracks, and 45,000 sq. meters of green spaces (parks and gardens).

Smart Mobility

In an attempt to reduce carbon consumption and traffic on the roads, there will be a pedestrian-friendly community that will offer and promotes public transport and smart shuttles. Seamless and easy transport would ensure connectivity and convenient mobility.

Leasable Apartments

The residential apartments are going to be amazing. Not only will they offer high-end architecture and modern design, but they will also come equipped with the latest technology and amenities. Like in other areas of UAE, the real estate market of District 2020 will offer flexible housing options and plans. You will be able to find apartments, flats, studios, suites, etc.

Competitive Free Innovative Ecosystem for Work

The competitive free zone is a major highlight of the District 2020 work environment. Although no major details have been released by the authorities about this initiative, we can project how much the competitive free zone structures will help the innovation-driven business and professionals with innovative ideas.

Leasable Office Spaces

District 2020 will have a myriad of choices for commercial spaces catering to both small and big businesses. Because District 2020 aims to foster collaboration and professional bonding, you will find offices and co-working spaces too.

And these commercial spaces will not be limited to offices only. District 2020 has its focus on innovation and technology. The commercial areas will also include spaces suitable for innovation labs and R&D centers.

District 2020 will feature campus-style buildings as well as high-rise buildings. With commercial units ranging from 50 sq. meters to 800 sq. meters, these buildings will be able to cater to businesses of all sizes.

District 2020 as a Cultural and Social Hub

Life in the new community will not be static; there will always be something going on worthy of tourist attraction. In fact, this site can become the next cultural and social destination because this is the heritage it will collect from the present Expo 2020. This heritage will not go in vain; it will be collected and stood upon with all glory.

That is all for today on District 2020. There are a lot of projects which cannot be covered in a single article. Also, the situation is continuously developing so we will be back with more news. Stay tuned and remain well informed!