Dubai creek park

Creek Park opened in Dubai in 1994. It inhabits a 96-hectare area that serves as a science pedagogy refuge. This is valued at over 106 million AED. Creek Park Dubai comes in second in terms of magnitude behind the public refuge Mushrif Park, and its machinery is regarded as cutting-edge. It’s also in a crucial position given its proximity to Dubai’s city centre. The park offers a variety of leisure and recreational activities. There are playgrounds for children, picnic places, free areas, grilling areas, and key installations. Children’s City and the Dubai Dolphinarium are two examples.

Location of Creek Park

If you are living in the Bur Dubai district you have very easy access to Dubai Creek Park. It is technically positioned in the centre of Dubai and dominates the Bur Dubai vista. The park stretches from Al Maktoum Bridge to Al Garhoud Bridge, a 2.5-kilometre distance away. Dubai Creek Park is a connector between old and new Dubai, which allows you to survey all of Creek Park’s public approaches.

What to Do at Dubai Creek Park

Creek Park bears witness to the prosperity and wealth that this area brought to the state of Dubai, as well as how it contributed to Dubai becoming the world’s largest tourist attraction. There are many interesting and entertaining activities that you can enjoy there! Here are 10 of them.

1. Stop and shop

Dubai’s pearling industry was the largest sector of the economy, and gold shops are still the primary source of exports today. Dubai Creek Parks hosts a number of open market events. Don’t forget to Stop and Shop if you’re there on that lucky day!

2. Enjoy food at Dubai Creek Park restaurants

restaurant at dubai creek park

If you enjoy fish, the eateries at Dubai Creek Park are an excellent choice. Cuisine from all over the world is available. Simply sit back and enjoy the food and the best sunsets. However, the creek area has some of the best seafood.

3. Have fun watching the dolphin’s performance

dubai dolphinarium

The Creek Park dolphin performance at the Dubai Dolphinarium is one of the nicest things you can do. Spending time with seals and bottlenose dolphins will be the most memorable experience you and your children will ever have. They juggle and jump through hoops. They perform stunts and win everyone’s hearts with their clever moves. If you’re lucky, you might be able to swim with the dolphins! At Dubai Dolphinarium, there are also information centres and little stalls where you can learn about dolphins and aquatic animals. It features a 5D and 7D theatre, a mirror maze, a trampoline room, and 20 different bird species. Keep an eye out for the Dubai Creek Park bird show, which occurs in this part.

This is a favourite among children! Birthday parties are welcome, and school groups are frequently seen in the area. You will always feel welcome and will enjoy connecting with nature here.

4. Have an amazing day with your children

children's city at dubai creek park

Creek Park Children’s City is an excellent choice if you want your children to spend the day with you, enjoying and learning while having fun. It is an indoor entertainment centre where children may learn through various hands-on learning activities. Children’s City features a gallery of technology and earth science, a global exhibition, a planetarium, and a nature centre. There is a toddler’s play area for children under the age of six, featuring games appropriate for their age range. There is also a theatre for adults and children where you can spend quality time with your children.

5. Enjoy a ride in the water

dhow ride in the creek

Take a ride on a wooden dhow or a wooden taxi. Enjoy the serenity and peace of the sea on a leisurely bike around Creek Park Dubai. You’ll have the best time of your life. The setting will make you feel like royalty in a Hollywood film. In Creek Park Dubai, there is a little boardwalk near the dhow area that you could visit.

6. Have a barbecue party at Dubai Creek Park

barbecuing at the dubai creek park

Picnickers choose locations where they may cook leisurely and share meals with friends and family. BBQ areas are only one of many free amenities available at Creek Park, which includes several barbeque areas distributed around the park. People gather to cook and spend time with their families.

7. Shop for gold

gold shops

You would not want to pass up a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to window shop for gold at one of the world’s most extensive gold collections. If you go, go to the Gold Souk in Creek Deira and don’t forget to bargain. Never accept the first offer.

8. Ride a mini train

mini train ride

The small train is another service that you can use. You can enjoy a short ride on the trails and see the majority of Creek Park. If you are short on time, the mini train is the best option for not missing any part of Creek Park. Get ready for the ride of a lifetime. It’s appropriate for both children and adults.

9. Ride a Bike

bike riding at dubai creek park is one of the things to do

Even as an adult, going to a park without riding a bike does not seem right. Ride your bike away from your problems and become one with nature in themed gardens and flower beds. Creek Park offers bike rentals. You can rent a small bicycle for two to four people or a large bicycle.

10. Ride a cable car

having fun in cable car in dubai creek par

You walked, took the train, and biked around the park, but something was still lacking. Dubai Creek Park has something special for you to enjoy the area’s beauty. A cable car ride for thrilling sightseeing. Take in a bird’s-eye view of the park. It is a 30-minute ride that travels 30 meters into the sky and covers 2.3 kilometres of the park, taking in the Old Dubai cityscape along the water’s edge. Riders can also see the Old Dubai skyline as well as the skyscrapers that are the main draw for adventurers on Sheikh Zayed Road.

Tickets and Timings

There are five entrance gates to the grand park. Three of them are on the main street, and the other two are on one side of the Al Garhoud and Al Maktoum bridges. Boats arriving from Dubai and Deira are accommodated at the park’s four berths. Alternatively, you could take the metro to Gate 4 of Creek Park. Many visitors prefer to enter through Creek Park Gate 2.

Creek Park admission is only 5 AED. Payment is also accepted with a Nol card. Children under the age of two and the disabled are admitted free of charge.

Every day of the week, the park is open. Timings on Sunday to Wednesday are 8 am to 11 pm and Thursday to Saturday and other public holidays are 8 am to midnight.

In short, Dubai Creek Park offers a complete package of entertainment at a moderate cost. Many free amenities and low pay enable everyone to make the most of their time. At Creek Park Dubai, you may choose from a variety of activities. Everything from riding a bike to riding a cable car is available in one location. It’s one of the most beautiful and memorable places you’ll ever see. Tell us in the comment section down below, when you are planning to go there, and which activities you think you will enjoy the most.