Dubai global village

Travel the world in Dubai! That is briefly what you can do in the Global Village, held annually in Dubai. In January 1997, Global Village began as a collection of kiosks on the Creek Side, across from the Dubai Municipality. Later, it moved for five years to the Oud Metha neighbourhood next to Wafi City. Six million people visit Global Village each year at its current site on Sheikh Zayed Exit 37. Throughout the years, it has been an interesting and enjoyable experience for tourists and visitors. Not long ago, this venue opened its doors to newcomers this year. If you are planning to go there, this article will help you know more about what to expect there.

Dates and Times

When Global Village’s Season 27 premieres on October 25, 2022, and runs through April 29, 2023, you’ll have more than 180 days to discover the best of continents close and far. One of the top amusement park in the area will welcome guests to explore 27 pavilions, take in dazzling new performances, chow down at a number of new eateries, and stroll down the freshly launched Road of Asia theme, which draws on 13 different Asian nations. Go there to take in live entertainment, amusement park rides, international flavours, and discount purchases.

Stuff To Do and See

At Global Village, there are tens of thousands of retail establishments to discover, giving bargain hunters plenty of options. The sheer number of real and distinctive things available, including those from all around the world, will astound collectors of trinkets. Discover traditional Indian spices, Russian matryoshka dolls, African wood carvings, stylish European treasures, and more. Take the time to stroll and explore. There are always great draws, such as the fine Sidr honey from Yemen and the hand-made rugs from Iran. You’ll undoubtedly leave with priceless mementoes.

carnival rides

The Carnaval, an exciting experience with over 175 amazing rides, games, and attractions, is the centre of attention at Global Village. Take in the views from the imposing Ferris wheel, and if you dare, go inside the eerie mansion.

global village shops

Families with little children and older teenagers who want to unleash their inner daredevils on themed rides can both find something to enjoy here. Parents can have a really fun time with their toddlers here at Dubai Global Village. Alternately, test your aim with over 100 vintage arcade games and skill games, many of which provide a variety of prizes.

Fun and Interesting Dining Options

Global Village maintains true to its global focus by displaying the greatest cuisine the world has to offer, whether you’re looking for Bosnian cevapi, Emirati majboos, Chinese chow mein, or Indian tandoori chicken. Eat something novel and unique at one of the many multicultural food stalls scattered throughout the space or relax and experience the world’s best cuisines at any one of the venue’s countless restaurants and cafes.

global village street food

The squad has opened ten additional eateries this season, bringing the total to over 250, along with dozens of new kiosks and restaurants. The food markets have also been improved, and for those seeking something extra, a deluxe cabana experience with a personal butler is available.

A variety of concepts and cuisines are offered by four new double-storey casual and fine dining restaurants that overlook Dragon Lake.

Options for Entertainment

Each season, Global Village offers a schedule of more than 40,000 cultural and entertainment events. With roaming street performers, live performances in country pavilions, and children’s plays on stage, there’s always something going on. Expect a lineup of fresh performers, a variety of family-friendly and cultural performances, street entertainment, and death-defying stunt exhibitions that will have spectators on the edge of their seats with frantic car chases, backflipping bikes, explosives, and perilous falls.

cultural events

This season, the museum attraction Ripley’s Believe it or Not!® celebrates the strange and beautiful world we live in with a variety of interactive displays, oddity exhibitions, pop-culture artefacts, and more. Meanwhile, in January 2023, the winners of America’s Got Talent, V. Unbeatable, will perform their astounding dance routines on stage in the return of Urban Crew’s brand-new show, which will feature unbelievable tricks, stunts, flips, and acrobatics.

Opening Hours:

Global Village’s operating hours are:

  • Sunday- Wednesday: 4:00pm – 12:00am
  • Thursday – Saturday: 4:00pm – 1:00am

Tuesdays are reserved exclusively for ladies and families, except on official public holidays.