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Are you a resident of the UAE and are you interested in real estate? You must have heard about the DLD. This abbreviation stands for Dubai Land Department. Are you planning to buy a villa or rent an apartment? DLD is the entity that makes sure that your needs and interests are met, as well as the needs of the property owners and investors. If you have not yet heard about it, go on reading our article. It is going to introduce essential information about this department that you can greatly benefit from.

What is the Dubai Land Department (DLD)?

Basically, DLD is a Dubai-based entity that is run by the government. This entity or department’s job is to manage and monitor all the trading operations in the real estate sector. In addition, it offers all the customers an experience that is transparent, secure, and integrated. The main purpose of this entity is to legalise the sale and purchase of land, settle disputes, and increase the number of investment operations.

Dubai Land Department’s Values

The main values of DLD are transparency, national identity, care for people of determination, appreciation, innovation, professionalism, and integration.

What Services Does DLD Offer?

In order to enable developers, owners, investors, and tenants to legally hold property in Dubai, the department employs some efficient methods. Here are some of the key services it offers:

Displaying real estate transaction reports

Want to know more about the property you are about to rent or buy? DLD displays reports on sales and mortgage operations. Those reports will show you a description of the property, its value, and a description of the area sold or mortgaged.

Validating ownership certificates

If you want to validate your ownership certificate, you can do that by providing DLD with your credentials and other details related to the area and the type of property.

Granting real estate management supervision services

The supervising services of certain properties such as cleaning, security and maintenance are essential. DLD is sure to find you the best companies that are specialized in such matters.

Giving a statistical report

If you need to make a certain decision but need some more information about a property, you can apply for data statistics via DLD.

Updating land status

Just enter the land and area number and you will have information about the condition of the specific location.

Inquiring about property and filing complaints

If you have any questions whatsoever about properties, you can consult DLD. Moreover, you can file a complaint in case there is a breach of trust in the real estate market.

Educating clients

To make sure that they know about all major real estate policies and reforms in Dubai, the land department of Dubai offers real estate courses that cost 500 to 700 Dirhams. All you need to do to enrol in these courses is to submit your passport, ID card, residence permit, commercial licence, and primary approval from the Economic Department. Another educational service that you can obtain from the Dubai Land Department is to apply for the Broker Membership Programme in the Middle East. Provided by the Dubai Real Estate Institute, it costs 500 dirhams, in addition to 20 dirhams for knowledge and innovation fees.

Broker membership registration

If you work in the real estate sector of Dubai, the land department of Dubai offers you an opportunity to apply for the Broker Membership Programme in the Middle East. This educational programme costs AED 500 plus AED 20 in knowledge and innovation fees and is provided by Dubai Real Estate Institution.

DLD Regulatory Arms

real estate regulatory authority

The land department of Dubai does not operate alone but with the cooperation of certain regulatory arms, the most important of which is RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Department).

Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA)

The Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) is responsible for regulating real estate operations. It is the one that has the final say in disputes. In addition to that, this agency takes care of stakeholders’ interests in the property market in Dubai.

Real Estate Investment Management & Promotion Centre

The goal of this centre is to create connections between the key players in the real estate market. Moreover, it ensures that investments, whether they are short-term or long-term, are made in a secure and sustainable manner.

Rental Dispute Settlement Centre

In issues related to the real estate market in Dubai, this centre is the judicial arm. It implements different methods to settle such issues. If you want to rent a villa or an apartment, the system ensures that the processes are done easily and efficiently for both the tenant and the owner.

Dubai Real Estate Institute

dubai real estate institute at dubai land department

The Dubai Real Estate Institute offers a number of courses about the real estate sector in Dubai. The continuing education programme for real estate brokers was launched in February 2012 as part of the second phase of the Dubai government’s empowerment of real estate brokers operating in the Dubai real estate market through vocational training courses. The courses was launched by the Real Estate Licencing Department of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) in partnership with the Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI), the land department’s educational arm. These academically-based courses were created with the intention of increasing the effectiveness of those who operate in the real estate industry.

Smart Applications Offered by DLD

Because it makes sure that customers are always satisfied, Dubai Land Department offers them a number of smart applications through which they can access its services no matter where they are.


If you are renting a flat in Dubai, it becomes easier to manage the attestation of your contracts via this app. This app was created to keep track of all tenancy contracts in the city. Even if you want to print an Ejari tenancy contract, you can do that using this app.

Smart Investment Map

This app allows investors to find various investment opportunities online.


Looking for properties for auction in Dubai? This app will certainly make your life easy. After choosing the properties listed for auctions, the buyers can offer their bid amount of money.


With the comprehensive data it provides, investors can take stock of the popularity of neighbourhoods using this app, whose main goal is to help facilitate brokerage procedures.

Oqood System

This online system with an Arabic and English interface is used for registering all kinds of off-plan property contracts between buyers and developers.