dubai museum of the future

In Dubai, there is always something new to see or do, from the tallest ever structure and the largest ever picture frame to the largest natural flower garden. And this appears to be one of the most compelling reasons why people return to this splendid city over and over again. It seems nobody ever gets bored here! How could they be? With the grandest World Expo ever and the most mega, avant-garde projects, getting bored here seems impossible! And now, Dubai offers you the chance to travel to the future. Even before its release, The Museum of the Future has received widespread acclaim for its breathtaking design, which is also regarded as one of the most difficult projects ever undertaken! Let us get ready for a virtual trip around this amazing structure.

The Purpose Behind this Futuristic Project

The museum’s motto is “see the future, create the future.” The one-of-a-kind project is the brainchild of DFF (Dubai Future Foundation), a government foundation established to shape the future of the region’s major sectors and led by the UAE’s Vice President and Ruler, HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Surprisingly, the Museum of Future was first introduced in 2014 as a series of themed temporary exhibitions at the World Government Summit in Dubai. Since then, it has created and displayed a number of dynamic themes and immersive technologies with multi-sensory experiences in a variety of industries, including climate change, food safety, and healthcare.

According to HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the new permanent museum will serve as an incubator for real ideas and ground-breaking inventions. It is now the largest platform of its kind for discovering future trends and developing futuristic opportunities. In a nutshell, a visit to this most beautiful museum on earth will allow the visitor to see where Dubai wants to go in the future.

The Structure of the Most Beautiful Building on Earth

Created by Killa Design, this museum has a torus shape. It looks like a massive eye with its oval silver sparkling ring shape. This massive eye is watching over the city’s stunning landmarks! It is no wonder that the design has won several awards or that it won all points to be rated as a LEED-certified structure!

To dive deeper into the structure, the museum is divided into three parts. Each of these three parts represents a different message:

  • The green hill upon which the Museum is placed is representative of the earth.
  • The Uber-style building is representative of mankind’s ability to blend with the earth surrounding him and its forever-changing conditions. The magical Arabic calligraphy inscribed on this structure is not there to take your breath away but also to symbolize man’s love for art and creativity. It is worth mentioning here, that the calligraphy was created by Mattar bin Lahej, a well-known Emirati artist. More interestingly, these inspirational Arabic words engraved there are taken from poems written by HH Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.
  • The void in the middle is a reference to a future that holds endless innovative ideas.

What to Expect When Visiting Dubai Museum Of The Future

As one would expect, this is not your typical museum! While there are many technological innovations and first-of-their-kind exhibits here, it’s not all about gleaming displays, high-tech robots, or flying gadgets!

inside museum of the future
  1. Let’s travel to the future!
    • Prepare to travel 50 years forward as you enter the museum and explore its wondrous exhibits that take you through space and time. There are seven floors, each of which is like a scene from a high-tech future film.
  2. Enjoy the innovative displays
    • The DNA library provides an excellent opportunity to both collects and contributes to nature. As you explore its various sections, you will feel the future of wellness and see the world in a completely new light.
    • Moreover, the museum offers you the chance to travel to a space station. Once you reach space, you will be able to see the moon in a different light. Now, it is not that beautiful body that we get a glimpse of from earth. It is the main source of renewable energy. As the case is so, some pioneers will live and work there in the future and will get the chance to meet them all on your trip.
    • The fun does not stop here. With the digital version of the Amazon rainforest, you can view hundreds of species in the most captivating way.
  3. The Museum also serves as a major event venue.
    • Aside from enjoying an ever-changing array of exhibits, you’ll have the opportunity to meet some of the industry’s leaders and even participate in a variety of captivating science and technology-related events, conferences, classes, meetings, and workshops on occasion.

Interesting Facts about This Amazing Building

dubai museum of the future building
  • National Geographic magazine named the Dubai Museum Of The Future one of the world’s fourteen most beautiful museums.
  • The Feng Shui concept inspired its design theme.
  • This gleaming stainless steel-clad museum stands 77 meters tall and covers an area of approximately 17,600 square meters.
  • This LEED-certified museum has set the standard for low-carbon structures in the region because of its passive solar features, which are supplemented by minimal water and energy solutions.
  • This structure was built using the most advanced 3D techniques.
  • Its construction also includes the use of nearly 1024 stainless steel and fibre-glass panels. Surprisingly, the same technique used in the aviation industry was used for the seamless, joint-free assembly of these panels.
  • It has six exhibition levels as well as an administration level, all of which are located on a three-level podium.
  • The structure’s floors are the only horizontal spaces.
  • There is also an auditorium, classrooms, a theatre, and high-tech labs. There is also retail and parking.

How about heading to the future now? Dubai has made it possible. All you have to do is book your ticket to this place and enjoy a forward time trip that you would not probably find that easily on any other place on earth. Are you planning to visit this museum soon? What are your expectations? Share your answers in the comment section down below. We cannot wait to hear from you.