dubai arbitration centre to settle disputes between tenants and landlord

A General View on Real Estate Market

The journey in the real estate industry in the UAE can be quite exciting and rewarding. This field appears to be experiencing significant growth, offering promising potential returns to those who invest in it. However, despite the attractiveness of this industry to individuals with substantial capital, it is not immune to disputes. Whether you are a homeowner, landlord, or even a tenant, conflicts concerning a property can arise. To better navigate these issues, it is essential to equip yourself with Dubai’s Real Estate Arbitration Centre. This centre plays a major role in resolving disagreements swiftly and efficiently.

What Is Dubai’s Real Estate Arbitration Centre?

The Government of Dubai and the Dubai Land Department established the Dubai Real Estate Arbitration Center to facilitate the smooth and efficient resolution of real estate disputes. With accredited real estate arbitrators, the centre provides a reliable and impartial platform where conflicting parties can express their perspectives and work towards reaching an agreement. Moreover, the centre offers additional services such as real estate consultations, legal advice, and promoting awareness of property transaction laws. These services contribute to a better understanding of the legal framework surrounding real estate transactions and foster a compliant industry.

Ways In Which DREAC Can Assist in Resolving Real Estate Disputes

Specialized expertise:

As mentioned earlier, the Dubai Real Estate Arbitration Center is staffed with highly qualified arbitrators who possess extensive knowledge of the real estate industry. These specialists have a deep understanding of the intricacies of real estate laws, regulations, and practices. They play a vital role in helping individuals involved in conflicts comprehend the specificities of the legal framework governing real estate. By providing this guidance, they empower the parties to make informed decisions and reach resolutions that are based on a thorough understanding of the relevant laws and regulations.

Quick processing

Real estate arbitration experts can assist individuals facing conflicts in eliminating unnecessary delays typically associated with traditional litigation. By focusing on the specific needs of the parties involved, the arbitration process becomes streamlined and efficient. This allows for a more targeted approach to resolving the dispute, reducing time-consuming procedures. As a result, the parties can navigate the resolution process with greater ease and efficiency, saving valuable time and resources.


One of the most significant features that encourage parties involved in a conflict to resort to the centre is the high level of confidentiality it offers. All parties can freely express their concerns and issues without any fear of disclosure. This safe and confidential environment plays a crucial role in facilitating smoother conflict resolution.

Enforceability of awards

The decisions rendered by Dubai’s Real Estate Arbitration Center are equally as effective as those made by a court. These decisions can be enforced not only within Dubai but also in other emirates and even internationally. As a result, parties engaged in a dispute can have full confidence that the rulings provided by the centre are reliable and carry legal weight. The enforceability of these decisions by the courts ensures that the parties involved receive a legally binding resolution.


The involvement of specialized arbitrators in resolving disputes enables parties to avoid unnecessary procedures, resulting in significant cost savings. By streamlining the resolution process, the Dubai Real Estate Arbitration Center helps parties save a substantial amount of money.

Final Takeaway

Overall, the Dubai Real Estate Arbitration Centre provides a well-regulated and efficient forum for resolving real estate disputes in the city-state of Dubai. It lets parties settle disputes faster and more efficiently by leveraging specialist experience, flexibility, speed, confidentiality, and international standards, ultimately leading to a more robust and trustworthy real estate business in Dubai.

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