UAE residence visa

Have you applied for your residency Visa in UAE? Did you apply before or after16th May? Have you applied in Dubai or in a different emirate? Why are we asking you these questions? We are posing these questions because some modifications have been issued regarding residency visas in UAE. In our article today, you will get to know what these modifications are, why they are made, and learn about alternates you can use instead of visa stickers on the passport, which have been recently canceled.

Those who have been living in UAE for a long time know that when you get your residency Visa, you get a sticker on your passport. This sticker has the main information about you as a resident in UAE. It shows your sponsor, the company you are working for, the position that you are currently holding and the Visa expiration date. However, the situation is not going to stay the same. In UAE, you are no longer going to have that sticker. Your Emirate IDis to replace it. This applies to all emirates except Dubai for now, but it will soon follow suit. Read along to learn more about the matter and know about the alternates you can use.

Why This Change

The main goal of taking such a decision is to improve the services provided to the customers and make them happier. Now that the Emirate ID is the document that proves the residency of foreigners residing in the UAE, the process of renewing and issuing residency Visa is flexible and requires fewer steps to be taken. In fact, the card applications for residency and identity will be united in a new form. This unified form has the issuance and renewal of the residence and identity card services in one application. That will be better than the previous separate applications, as it will speed up the process and improve the satisfaction of the customers. 

Alternates You Can Use

If you are wondering what the alternates to the stickers that you used to have on your passport before are, your ID will be our number one answer. Now, your emirate ID will include all the essential information that was previously provided on the sticker on your passport. Some of this information will be readable on the cards; some will need to be scanned. However, you can still download the sticker from the ICA smart App or website and print it out. This option could be available for just a short period before moving completely to the new form of residency.

Those who have been living in UAE for a year or more know that the ID form has changed before. This was a preparation step for the new stage in which the passport has no sticker. The Emirate ID was improved to be able to hold all the information that the government knows about you.

Final Words

As UAE is attracting more and more foreigners to come and reside here, more improvements to the processes of issuing and renewing the residency and ID are implemented. UAE offers great opportunities for the comers and makes sure to increase those new customers’ satisfaction and happiness