emirates park zoo

General Overview of Emirates Park and Resort

Emirates Park Resort, the only resort in the GCC and Middle East situated in (Al Shahama) Abu Dhabi, is in the centre of the Emirates Park Zoo, which is home to a huge variety of animals. The resort is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery and wildlife, which is a novel experience in the United Arab Emirates. The Emirates Park Resort offers a number of amenities, including an outdoor swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, free zoo admission tickets, and free zoo events including animal chat sessions, bird shows, and a magic show with African drummers for in-house guests with kids. The Emirates Park Resort provides air-conditioned rooms with balconies that view the zoo, an outdoor pool, and a garden.

Activities at Emirates Park Zoo

In 2008, the Emirates Park Zoo began as a tiny feeding farm. In 2012, it became a full-fledged zoo. Since then, the management has put a lot of effort into keeping the zoo in excellent condition and adding attractions to draw in more tourists over time. One of the top family-friendly destinations in Abu Dhabi, it offers adults engaging entertainment as well, especially if you spend hours perusing Nat Geo’s documentaries on the intriguing lives of wild animals.

Zoo Emirates Park’s Animals

If you love animals, you will like seeing them here because the zoo is home to over 1700 different species. There are various zones in the zoo. The Emirates Park Zoo has the following sections where you may find your favourite birds, reptiles, mammals, and more: Unlike the Sharjah Safari Park, the zoo can be explored by walking around and experiencing the wildlife.

Camel Farm:

camel farm at emirates zoo

The native desert animals are housed in this section of the Abu Dhabi zoo. You can feed the camels here and get a close-up view of them. When it comes to the grass, they may be very demanding, so make sure your kids keep a safe distance to prevent getting bitten by mistake. Other cattle, such as bison and jersey cows, can be seen close to the camels.

Crocodile Pool:

Nile crocodiles, alligators, and other species of dreadful amphibious predators can be seen in the Emirates Zoo’s Crocodile Pool.

crocodile pool

The resident hippopotamus can be seen playing in the water in this area, which is right before the birds of prey area.

Birds of Prey:

birds of prey at emirates park zoo

As the name implies, you can find owls, buzzards, hawks, eagles, and vultures in this area. You will be enthralled by their menacing eyes.

Primate Paradise:

primates enclosure

This is where you may go to monkey about with various animals. There is a lot to see in this part of the park, from mischievous capuchin monkeys to lovely marmoset monkeys who adoringly stare at you.

Mammal Cave

You can get to know the numerous animals that live in the zoo in the Mammal Cave, a vast area. Other hairy creatures include white racoons, fennec foxes, smaller wild cat species, and others. While you enjoy the cheeky racoons’ boisterous antics, keep an eye out for them as they make faces at you.

Equine Enclosure:

Here, you can say hello to the horses, ponies, donkeys, llamas, and alpacas and feed the animals. Some of them even stick out their cheeks to be petted since they are so sociable and nice. Bear in mind that they have teeth, so keep your distance. By making an extra payment at the park, you can also ride a pony or a horse.

Giraffe Park:

giraffe park

Where should you go if you want to feed the giraffes? Giraffe Park. The enormous animals will gladly eat the grass you give them at the feeding area, which has been erected upstairs to accommodate the giraffes’ tall heights in homes. In this enclosure, you will also discover several ostriches, deer, and zebras.

The Bird Park:

the bird park

Bird Park is a place where you may witness a variety of stunning birds. If you are an ornithology enthusiast, there is much to see here, including pigeons, ducks, geese, and other kinds of avian species, as well as vibrantly coloured parrots and beautifully chirping lovebirds.

Reptile House:

In the cool crevices of the reptile house, turtles, iguanas, tiny snakes, chameleons, and more life. Some of the creatures in this area are deceptively hidden, so you’ll need excellent observation skills to find them.

Snake Alley

snake alley at emirates park zoo

You can view some brilliantly patterned pythons, boa constrictor snakes, and even the fabled anaconda as you go along Snake Alley. If you’re lucky and manage to be nearby when the big python is feeding, you could even be able to see it swallow its prey!

Bear Cave:

bear cave enclosure

The bear strolls around his reconstructed cave looking like a happy camper. You might need to visit more than once if you want to have a chance to see him because he is known to take lengthy naps.

Flamingo Park:

flamingo park to see while visiting emirates park zoo

The beautiful, pink-tipped flamingos have gathered around in Flamingo Park, which is directly across from the bear cave.

Wildlife Walk:

Easily one of the most thrilling attractions at Emirates Park Zoo, the wildlife walk is home to three playful lions, several majestic tigers, two cancer-surviving cheetahs, two rather lazily behaving leopards, a pair of unbelievably attractive white tigers, and some regal Asian elephants. In this location, you can also witness a few different kinds of deer, oryx, and other herbivores. Don’t miss the inspiring story of Jasper and Shazzly, the two cheetahs who were rescued and heroically battled leukaemia and hunger. After learning to paint, Jasper is starting to become quite the celebrity!

Animal Theater:

Observing the Sea Lion show at Emirates Park Zoo is one of the facility’s additional entertaining activities. Plan your visit to this zoo in Abu Dhabi so that you don’t miss the sea lion performance. The resident sea lion entertains audiences with his playful antics, and it’s a very engaging presentation.

Petting Zoo:

Your kids will have the most fun in this big area with many kinds of goats, lambs, and other farm animals. They can engage with the animals, feed them, and observe them up close.

petting zoo at emirates park zoo

There are air-conditioned spaces in the park, despite the fact that the majority of it is outdoors. There are air conditioners in the Snake Alley, Reptile House, and Wildlife Walk. To get the most out of the park, we do suggest visiting in the early evening. You should allow at least three hours here if you like to spend time petting animals and exploring the park.

Emirates Zoo Hours

The Emirates Park Zoo’s hours are listed below. 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Sunday through Saturday

Emirates Park Tickets For Zoo, Activities, And Experiences

There are supplementary tickets that allow you to combine experiences or activities in addition to the regular entry tickets to this zoo in Abu Dhabi. Here are the admission prices for Emirates Park Zoo:

  • Emirates Park Zoo Tickets: Adults AED 35, Children between 3-16: AED 30 and free entry for children under 3 years.
  • Breakfast with Parrots: You and the family can have breakfast with Jelly and his flying mates at the park. AED 99 for adults, AED 80 for kids ( 4-12 years old) and free for kids below 3 years old. This includes entry to the park too.
  • Breakfast with Giraffes: This offers you the chance to eat with the tallest herbivores in the park. AED 1,048.95 for five people, including entry to the park.
  • They have also recently introduced a lunch with leopards, but prices for this have not been announced yet.
  • Tickets for the Emirates Park Zoo can be purchased through the official website. Wearing comfy shoes is important while visiting the place.

The Emirates Park Zoo is a great place to visit for a fun and educational day out. The zoo has a wide variety of animals to see, as well as a number of interactive exhibits. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and the zoo is well-maintained. Overall, the Emirates Park Zoo is a great choice for a day out in Abu Dhabi.