safari in a car in sharjah safari park

Africa is known to be a vibrant place that offers great safaris and the chance to see various wildlife. You can now experience Africa without going there. Instead of paying for a ticket to one of the amazing African cities, head to Sharjah Safari Park! This park has attractions representing areas in Africa with their distinct nature, creatures, and landscape.

Over 1,000 animals and birds from 120 different species, including lions, gazelles, elephants, crocodiles, and several rare African animals, may be seen at Sharjah Safari. The highly uncommon black rhino and Wuhaida, a female southern white rhino born at the park, are two main highlights.

Also, over 1,000 native and African trees are planted on the property, including lovely Samar trees and the distinctive Acacia tortilis, which is known for its remarkable umbrella-like appearance, in addition to the genuinely wonderful variety of fauna. The park’s magnificent environment, which spans an astounding eight square kilometres, is truly breathtaking. Let us take you on a trip there with our words and encourage you to go there in person and tell us about your experience.

Top Attractions in Sharjah Safari Park

To Africa

Watch wild creatures coming from Africa very closely as you are walking down this area and enjoy an authentic tour on the eastern coast of Africa!


an oryx at sharjah safari park

Now let’s head to another part of Africa, which represents Africa from the Atlantic coast of Mauritania on the western side to Eritrea and the Red Sea on the eastern side. There you will find desert, grassland, wild animals, and birds.


It is clear in the name! This area is a reflection of the Savannah area in Africa. Savannah is home to the largest biodiversity on earth that you will find here is a rare watch. Moreover, you will definitely fall for the jungle.


Serengeti bears witness to the greatest migration of various animal species every year. Visiting Serengeti to watch this spectacular event is still a dream for many. Here, it is not only that you can see different species like Nile Crocodiles, herbivores, and more, but you can take your experience further and enter the lion’s den!


The beauty of nature that is a real-life representation of the area in Africa will leave you in awe.


Monsoon rains have created splendid canyons and valleys in Moremi, Africa. In Sharjah, you will have a copy of those unique wonders of nature.

What to Do in Sharjah Safari Park?

In addition to enjoying watching the beautiful nature, and different wild species, here are a few interesting things to do in this park:

Have dinner in one of the restaurants around the lake once you finish touring Africa. Head to the lake and choose one of the restaurants surrounding it.

sharjah safari restaurant

Meet the park’s celebrities: No! We are not talking about any artists or singers. We are talking about Wuheida and Birdi. They are the first female white rhino and African female giraffe born in this park.

giraffe birdie in sharjah safari park

Pay Zanzibar Village a visit: – The park has a Zanzibar-themed area that is sure to dazzle you with its beautiful nature and wildlife.

Tickets And Pricing

If you do not like walking, you can take a tour by bus, or get driven around in a luxury car depending on the ticket you purchased. There are three types of tickets available, and the rates of each ticket are different for adults and children. The duration of the tours also differs according to the ticket.

You can either get a bronze ticket, a silver ticket, or a gold ticket. The bronze ticket will only take you to one environment. There will be no vehicles, and it will be a walking tour for 2-3 hours. With a silver ticket, you can take a tour for 5–6 hours and visit all zones except for Serengeti. You can have the bus tour for this one. On the gold ticket, on the other hand, you will tour all the 12 environments in a private car for 5–6 hours with a guide who explains to you what you see.

Entry Fee Rates

  • Bronze: – AED 40/Adult and AED 15/Child
  • Silver: – AED 120/Adult and AED 50/Child
  • Gold: – AED 275/Adult and AED 120/Child


Monday to Saturday: – 8.30 am to 6.30 pm
Sunday: – 6.30 am to 6.30 pm

  • The last entry for the gold ticket is at 2.30 pm
  • The last entry for the silver ticket is at 2.30 pm
  • The last entry for the bronze ticket is at 4.00 pm

Note: – The park will be closed during the summer season to protect the animals from any health risks due to the high summer temperatures.

Children below 3 years old can get free entry on bronze and silver tickets, and for the gold ticket, entry is free for children below 2 years old.

Enjoy a Tour Like No Other.

The UAE is truly a land of wonder! Without even leaving this country, you can visit places around the world, and Africa is one of them! Have you visited this park before? Are you planning to visit it soon? Read more of our interesting stories in Skyloov’s blog.