factors to consider while buying a villa in dubai

Planning To Buy A Villa?

Some people prefer living in villas because of this residential option’s privacy. Living in a villa can be such a unique and splendid experience. Dubai offers some great options in that sense. Now and then, you find new communities in the landscape of this city. Most of these communities have beautiful villas. Some are easy on the pocket, while others are pretty expensive. However, the price is among many factors when buying a villa in Dubai. In our article, you will better understand the facts you need to consider before settling in a villa in Dubai.

Factors to Consider Before You Buy a Villa in Dubai

1. Location of the property where you plan to buy a villa.

Think about the reasons that you want to buy a villa. Do you want to buy a villa that is close to your work? Do you plan to buy a villa where your family can enjoy a quiet life? No matter your answers, you must choose a property close to supermarkets, hospitals, and even schools if you have children. Moreover, choosing a villa from which you can quickly drive to other parts of the city is better.

2. Size of the property.

The size of the villa you plan to buy depends on the number of people living there. Since you are purchasing the property, you will settle there for a long time. Opt for a villa that accommodates you and your family quickly and perfectly.

3. Cost of living in the neighbourhood you are choosing.

People planning to buy a villa in Dubai are well off. Yet they need to consider the cost of living in Dubai and their chosen area. Some areas can be more pocket-friendly than others. Study your budget in the long run; depending on that, find the perfect choice for yourself.

4. Maintenance of the property.

maintenance of the property

The Dubai Land Department will charge you annual maintenance fees on your property based on the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) Service Charge and Maintenance Index. This index varies by community and provides a specific rate per square foot. Prices are available straight from the DLD’s website. It is best to figure out how much maintenance will cost you. Maintenance should include repairs, cleaning, and landscaping. Setting a budget beforehand is also a good idea.

5. Future developments near and around the area of the villa community.

Because you are buying a villa, you are making a long-term investment, if not a lifelong investment. Therefore, it is essential to check the future development options for this villa. Once you choose your villa, study the neighbourhood. Then, try to figure out if it has promising future opportunities and if it will continue to undergo positive developments. These factors play a significant role in adding more value to your villa in the future.

6. Villa ownership grants you a UAE residency visa.

Suppose your villa is worth more than AED 1 million. You may be eligible for a residency visa through home ownership, subject to certain restrictions. Two types of visas are available: a 6-month multi-entry visa and a 2-year resident visa. Property valued above AED 5 million with no mortgage attached and held for three years may entitle you to a Golden Visa or a five-year resident visa, subject to specific eligibility restrictions.

In other words, it can be worth paying extra if you can afford such an option, and remember to consider that when searching for a villa to buy.

7. Assess your down payment for the villa.

down payment for the property

Your savings is one of the most significant factors to consider when buying a villa, or any other property in Dubai, for that matter. Before buying your villa, you need to know some facts about your mortgage and the down payment.

  • The minimum deposit necessary for foreigners is 25% of the purchase price for properties valued at less than AED 5 million,
  • According to UAE Central Bank Regulations, the minimum deposit is 20% for UAE nationals.
  • Taking a personal loan from a local bank to finance your down payment for the property is not allowed.
  • You must use your funds in hand.
  • On the other hand, the above-mentioned upfront transaction charges, like agency and bank fees, may be financed using a personal loan.

Some Final Words

Buying a villa in Dubai can be one of the best investments you and your future children make. However, it would help if you considered the factors we mentioned before you bought it and, of course, any other factors that you find essential. You can tell us about other factors that you are thinking about before purchasing the villa. Please share your views in the comment section down below. We cannot wait to hear from you.