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People of all ages find something appealing about the idea of amusement parks. Children and their parents both experience the same level of joy from spending the day at a theme park. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi distinguishes itself among other well-known theme parks as a leader in its field. Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari World is renowned for being the biggest indoor amusement park in the world. It has won numerous honours of high significance that solidify its position as one of the best in the world. In 2015 and 2016, the theme park was named “The Middle East’s Leading Tourist Attraction” at the World Travel Awards. In 2017, it was also named “The Middle East’s Leading Theme Park”. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for all things fast with our complete guide to all you need to know about an exciting evening at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi!

Why Go to Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari World?

Aside from the obvious reasons why anyone would enjoy an evening at an amusement park, there are a number of specific reasons why visiting Ferrari World Abu Dhabi will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. Ferrari World is one of the top attractions in Abu Dhabi, the world’s tourism capital.

A Ferrari Venture

Ferrari World is a display of one of the greatest and most well-known brands in the history of motorsports. It’s a haven for car nuts and Formula 1 racing enthusiasts.

High-Speed Joyrides

world's fastest roller coster formula rossa

A view of the exhilaration that F1 racing pros experience on a daily basis is provided by a selection of rides with Ferrari themes, all of which are designed to melt your face off with speed. Don’t miss the incredible 4.9 seconds it takes to reach 250 km/h on the world’s fastest roller coaster! It is also one of the top things to do in Abu Dhabi.

Yummy Italian food

Enjoy mouthwatering treats at one of the many Italian restaurants.

Genuine Ferrari Products

There are several alternatives for purchasing genuine goods at the biggest Ferrari store in the world, located inside Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

Daily Events

Every day, there are tons of exciting activities and events to take part in, such as entertaining live shows, electric go-kart racing, racing simulators, and a ton of racing memorabilia just waiting to be gathered.

When should one travel to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi?

Ferrari World is best visited during the summer months in the middle of the year. This time of day is ideal for exploring the park because there are fewer tourists and more staff available to assist you. Because it eliminates the burden of waiting in line for the rides, it makes for a pretty calm and thoroughly enjoyable day for you and your family. You would have no trouble taking numerous rides. Seats in 4-D auditoriums and restaurant tables are easier to come by.

The blistering Middle East sun makes it pleasant to enjoy the dramatic rides. The hours of operation for Ferrari World Abu Dhabi are 11 am to 8 pm every day of the year.

Getting to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World is located on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. Yas Island is well-known for its adventure parks such as Clymb, Yas Waterworld, WB World, and the Yas Mall. Ferrari World is one of these parks.

A car takes about 16 minutes to get to Yas Island, where Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is located. If you want to have a better experience on the route and save some money, you might want to take a bus that goes directly to the park.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Attractions

Now for the exciting part! Here is a comprehensive list of the top attractions, activities, and restaurants that will make your stay worthwhile.

Formula Rossa

Enjoy being shot at a speed greater than an F1 racing vehicle on the rollercoaster that is reputed to be the fastest in the world. This rollercoaster will accelerate you to a terrifying speed of 240 km/h in just 4.9 seconds and slam you down from heights of 52 meters, putting your stomach to the ultimate test. Not for the weak of the heart, for sure!

Flying Aces

flying aces ride in ferrari world

The world’s highest rollercoaster is followed by the world’s fastest rollercoaster, both of which are located under one roof. This ride is inspired by Count Francesco Baracca, a famous aviator. Flying Aces’ stunning 51-degree gradient and 63-meter height gain are enough to get anyone’s heart racing. You can reach speeds of up to 120 km/h while shooting hoops on the world’s highest rollercoaster at the Flying Aces!

Scuderia Challenge

scuderia challenge ferrari world

For anyone who wishes to have a realistic digital driving experience, the Yas Marina Circuit is the best choice. You can compete against friends or establish a lap record that you’d want to try to break. Remember that this ride is only available for a short period of time and that you must be at the park early to register for it.

Fiorano GT Challenge

fiorano gt challenge ride

In your very own Ferrari F430 Spider, compete against your pals on these parallel tracks that are replicas of real GT racetracks. Buckle up for thrilling curves and the competitive atmosphere on this remarkably accurate racecourse, where you may reach speeds of 95 km/h! Do you possess what it takes to prevail?

Karting Academy

You can’t get any closer to your racing fantasies than this! You have to get to the park early to sign up for this short-term event where you can truly drive an electric go-kart around a 290-meter track that the famous Yas Marina Circuit inspired. On this fantastic attraction, test your driving talents against family and friends!

Driving Experience

What if you were informed that you could take your family for a ride around Yas Island in a real Ferrari? Sounds thrilling right? A certified instructor will give you a brief tutorial on how to drive the bestial Ferrari, following which you may do it yourself with room for your family in the back!

This place also offers you a wide range of entertainment activities such as:

Other Attractions

Speed of Magic

Fasten your seatbelts for an incredible journey with Nello, a cheeky Ferrari driver who will take you on a trip of a lifetime! Thanks to cutting-edge simulation technology, this 4-D marvel will transport you through dynamic changes in temperature, moisture, light, and movement. The most realistic environment allows you to ride into oceans and the tallest cliffs.

Fast Lane

This is for the Ferrari nerds who want to test their brand knowledge in an engaging game show format. You could win some incredible rewards if you genuinely demonstrate your mettle here against other Ferrari experts! To find out if you have what it takes to win the Ferrari Fast Lane Championship, visit this temporary attraction.

Made in Maranello

A thorough factory tour that allows you to witness firsthand the development of this amazing machine from the very beginning. This was a privilege that had previously been restricted to Ferrari owners only. You can witness the initial stages of design to the production of all individual parts and the final painting of the automobile.

Tyre Twist

This Ferrari version of the traditional cup and saucer ride is accessible to folks of all ages. The Tyre Twist’s five-person capacity per tyre makes it the ideal ride for the entire family to enjoy.

Junior Grand Prix

This second part of the Ferrari driving school is a Grand Prix for the kids to enjoy. This kid-friendly version of go-kart racing will allow your children to discover their inner race car driver. Kids receive guidance from qualified instructors after watching an instructive DVD produced by Junior Grand Prix.


When visiting Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, the most opulent activity is a scaled-down drive-through of a small reproduction of iconic Italian sights. The ride is modelled in a vintage Ferrari 250 California from the late 1950s. Drive around replicas of Rome’s Colosseum, the Amalfi Coast, Portofino, the Monza racetrack, and many other well-known Italian locations.

Khalil’s Car Wash.

Toddlers can play in a racecar-themed play area where they can experiment with pedal racecars, climb the grandstand, and slide down Khalil’s Car Wash.

Viaggio in Italia

Another breathtaking multi-sensory simulation that lets you experience the stunning scenery of Ferrari’s native Italy. With seats modelled after Ferrari F430, you may practically ride around Italy’s mountains, villages, cities, and vineyards in this simulation. The ride was inspired by the open-road Mille Miglia race.

Gallerie Ferrari

This interactive exhibit takes you through the company’s history while allowing you to get up close and personal with vehicles ranging from the earliest models to the most recent. You can learn interesting trivia and new details about your favourite Ferraris throughout history.

You must have gotten hungry after this exhilarating journey around Ferrari World. Worry not, you will find amazing restaurants here that offer you yummy foods like Il Podio, Espresso Rosso, Mamma Rosella and more.

Ticket Prices

General Admission

  • Single day ticket: AED 310
  • 1 Day any 2 parks (Access to Ferrari World and Warner Bros World or Yas Waterworld in one day): AED 395
  • 2 Days any 2 parks (Access to Ferrari Wolrd and Warner Bros World or Yas Waterworld): AED 435
  • Unlimited 3 Days 3 Parks (Unlimited access for 3 days across all Yas Theme Parks: Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Yas Waterworld, and Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi): AED 545
  • Family and Friends Offer: AED 930

Annual Pass

  • Silver Yas Parks Annual Pass: AED 995
  • Gold Yas Parks Annual Pass: AED 1095
  • Diamond Yas Parks Annual Pass: AED 2895

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