lusail stadium hosting 2022 fifa world cup final

For those who couldn’t make it to the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, we will tell you all about the experience and some more here, in this article.

The Pressure is on; you feel it!

The joy is on! The game is yet to start, and everybody sits on the edge of their seat. After all, you feel you are playing when your team is playing. Their score is yours. Unfortunately, their loss is also yours! Is it not exactly how you feel when you are watching a match? We are talking to old-time football enthusiasts here who would like nothing more than go now to Qatar and watch one of the final matches. Though we cannot grant them this wish, we can take them with our words on a virtual tour and show them how it feels to be a FIFA world cup game. Let the cheering begin!

Requirements for Travelling to Qatar

First, to make the journey, the first step was to ensure everything went according to laws and regulations. Therefore, we ensured we ticked every procedure in the list after booking the tickets to the game.

The first one was surprisingly pleasant! We are talking about the Hayya card you must apply for online. This card allows you to bring other people who do not have tickets and enter Qatar multiple times. Then, of course, we got one and invited three friends to make the experience more joyful.

Then, we learned that we could book accommodations through the website of the official booking agency. That’s it. You are all set to see the match live. Now, it’s just a matter of travelling there.

Requirements for Attending an Actual Match in Qatar

The golden rule when attending a match in Qatar is not to let the joy of your experience make you forget any necessary step. You do not need anything to ruin your once-in-a-lifetime trip! Once heading to the stadium (more about that later) where that match is happening, ensure you have your tickets, Hayya card, and the permit for entering the country.

hayya card

Since we have already mentioned the Hayya card, we can explain further about the tickets. The ticket categories you select when buying your ticket online correspond with the seating areas. Once you choose the class, seats in that area are assigned to you. It is an easy process and helps you find your seat quickly once you are there in the stadium.

To avoid being surprised, tell your friends who enjoy smoking or drinking alcohol while watching football matches that both are not allowed.

Watching the Match at the Stadium

Now comes the real action! However, we need to mention some information about the stadiums in Qatar before. This FIFA World Cup 2022 made it to headlines right before its commencement. It was a welcoming change for the fans after the pandemic. The tournament kickstarted on November 20 in Doha. FIFA brought the world together and gave the fans some exciting moments to rejoice and cherish for eternity.

brazil fans in the stadium to see the match

For this 22nd edition of the game, Qatar made all arrangements to ensure that viewers got an unparalleled experience. Moreover, this was the first time a Middle Eastern country hosted the football World Cup, and they did a fantabulous job. The Qatar 2022 World Cup will remain fresh in the memories of ardent fans for years.

The FIFA World Cup Stadiums

Eight stadiums were prepped up for the matches to make the game viewing an incredible experience. The stadiums will host 32 teams and 64 games in the five different cities of Qatar.

2022 fifa world cup stadiums

Among the elected venues for the FIFA World Cup, 2022 were Iconic Stadium in Lusail, Al Janoub Stadium in Al Wakrah, Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor, Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, Education City Stadium in Al Rayyan, and Khalifa International Stadium, Stadium 974 and Al Thumama Stadium in Doha. All these match venues are within a 55-km radius of the country’s capital Doha.

The FIFA World Cup Matches

The matches are divided among the stadiums as mentioned below:

Groups A, B, E and F: Khalifa International Stadium, Al Bayt Stadium, Al Thumama Stadium, Ahmad bin Ali Stadium

Groups C, D, G and H: Stadium 974, Education City Stadium, Lusail Iconic Stadium, Al Janoub Stadium

Except for the Khalifa International Stadium, which has been functional since 1976, other venues were constructed exclusively for the FIFA World Cup in the past three years. Of all the stadiums, the Khalifa Stadium got to host the third-place playoff match.

Moving on to the Lusail Iconic Stadium, this one has the highest capacity (80,000) compared to all the eight stadiums. Not just this, the Lusail even proved to be the most engaged stadium with ten matches, including the final showdown and closing ceremony of the World Cup.

The Al Bayt Stadium, which got nine matches, served as the stage for the World Cup opening ceremony on November 20.

These places witnessed the action live on the ground and unconditional fan support and love off the field. They saw tears of joy, happiness, and hope for the future.

While fans cheered for their favourite team and players, the stadium authorities ensured that everyone at the game had the best health and sanitary arrangements. Protocols are in place to follow to ensure the matching spirit stays up. Everyone gets to enjoy the action without any hassles.

The Final Action

The spirit of the game is what stole the entire show, and that is where the real action happened. With the final match due in a couple of days, the excitement is at its peak, with fans picking sides and rooting for their team.

argentina versus france world cup final 2022

Argentina vs France final match, set for December 18, will see a new winner emerging and lifting the trophy.

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 journey has been remarkable, and the final match will leave behind more such memories for game fans across the globe. No matter where you watch the game from, we all stay connected in this journey, sharing our love for the game.

For those of you who are going to miss watching the final with the crowd in Lusail Stadium, don’t worry. You will get the same feel and excitement at the free fan zones set up all over Dubai. So don’t miss these exciting times. You’ll have to wait four more years to witness the next FIFA World Cup in 2026, which will be hosted by the United States of America.

Until we meet next time, stay safe.