how to become real estate agent in dubai

How to become a certified real estate broker in Dubai

Suppose you prefer something new to do that is different from 9–5 jobs. In that case, consider becoming a real estate broker in Dubai. There are a lot of benefits for a real estate agent in Dubai. Dubai holds excellent promises for people working in this industry with its blooming economic conditions, safe environment, and investor-friendly regulations. The city keeps attracting more and more people to come and settle here for good. We are here to motivate you if you are discouraged by the process or the expenses. In this article, you can learn how to become a real estate agent in Dubai without breaking your bank account. Follow up and give your dream a chance!

The path to becoming a real estate agent in Dubai

Find the best way for you to get a residency visa.

You know you can only get a certificate in Dubai with your Emirate ID. If you do not have to start applying for it, do so. Since it costs some money, you can see if you can do any of the following:

uae resident visa

1. Obtain a residency visa from your work

For those who already have a job, you can use the permitted visa that your job offers you.

2. Get a resident as a spouse!

Married women can get a residency visa with their husbands as the sponsor.

3. Pay for your visa.

Paying for your visa will be the most expensive option. However, you still need to do that to become a certified real estate agent.

Get training to become a real estate broker.

Since you have gotten your ID, it is now possible for you to get the necessary training that the Dubai Real Estate Institute offers. The training is a 4-day course authorised by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) and the Dubai Land Department (DLD). If you find that the institute is far from where you reside, go for the online version and save the money you need to pay for transportation. This course will cost you 3000 AED. However, you can divide the amount into four free-interest payments. Check this option, as it will be easier for you to pay this way.

Complete the test and get your certificate.

Once you finish the course, you are ready to sit for your Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) Exam. Here is some great news that can save you some extra money. The exam fee came down to 3,200 AED for bachelor’s degree holders. This amount is double for those who do not have this certificate. It is about 6,300 AED.

Get Your License

After completing the RERA exam, you can apply to DLD for a standard real estate broker license. Sign up for the test and apply for licensing online through the DLD website or the Dubai REST app. To obtain your real estate broker license, you will also require a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) from the Dubai Police. In addition, you can apply for the PCC through the Dubai Police website for a fee of AED 320.

Keep learning

Once you obtain the licence, you must keep up with the markets. Understand the contracts associated with your lines of business, such as the rental contract, the buying and selling laws, and other relevant regulations. Be flawless in the procedures of sale and rental of properties that bring in the highest ROI. Learn the market trends and see what is booming and which property can bring you the highest ROI.

Build a vast network

networking with people to become a better real estate agent

This step is of great importance. After all, your network is your greatest asset. It is the one that can bring you more and more clients. Getting more clients means getting a higher ROI, thus making up for all the money you are paying to get certified and even more. Building a vast network can be challenging in the beginning. Still, it gets easier as you continue with your profession. First, try to get to know the other real estate agents and learn from their experience. Then, ask your clients to refer you to others, and stay in touch with all players in the industry, including appraisers and mortgage loan officers. You can also market yourself through social media.

Choose an area to specialise in

Choosing one area gives you the advantage of knowing all the ins and outs of that area. Specialisation in an area will help you target your clients more precisely, especially when keeping up-to-date with any schools, malls, and health centres that come up in that area. Moreover, learning about price changes, increases, decreases, and market forecasts will help you be the go-to person in that area.

Take care of your clients.

the clients of a real estate agent

Give your clients your real full attention. Taking care of your clients means you need to consider their requirements and only make promises you can keep. Work diligently and devote the appropriate amount of time to improve your skills and hone your personality. As for your character, if you have a positive outlook, are approachable and honest, have faith in your abilities, and are eager to assist others, you will attract attention, and people will respond to you. Develop the ability to deal with new situations by paying attention to, observing, and learning from your superiors.

Final Advice

Becoming a real estate agent continues beyond just getting the licence. It begins from there. Once you get it, the real action starts. It would be best if you learned about market trends and the laws related to the industry. Furthermore, you must keep improving your social and individual skills to communicate with your clients in the best way possible and thus achieve profits.

Do you have what it takes to become a real estate agent? Why so? Share your answers in the comment section down below. We cannot wait to hear from you all.