living in a budget in dubai

Living Within A Budget In Dubai

The first thing you would hear when you talk about your plans to move to Dubai is that it is one of the most expensive cities in the world. This fact is not very far from the truth. You might be wondering how affordable living in Dubai is. Dubai has some of the highest standards of living that you could imagine. However, you can still carry out your plan. Because it is a vast and metropolitan city, it offers different alternatives. So, beginning with location, grocery shopping, schooling, and even transportation, you can make choices that help you live within a budget.

How can you live in Dubai within a specific budget?

Let us find you an affordable place!

Since you are moving here to live and start a new life, you need a place to settle. Let us tell you about some areas that can be cheaper than others. Old Dubai offers you some friendly suggestions. So do your research and find your place in Al-Nahada or Deira. There is a reason for these two places to be crowded. They are relatively inexpensive and have good grocery stores and supermarkets. You have other options in Dubai, like JVC and Silicon Oasis. Nevertheless, it would be best if you remembered that your place should not be far from your workplace.

jvc living community

If you still find it expensive to live alone, you can agree with a friend or a colleague to live together and divide the rent between you two. That is a good option if you are an extrovert who does not like spending much time on your own. In addition to the previously mentioned points, you can save extra money if you find a chiller-free rental apartment.

Now, it is time to move around.

dubai metro

Now that you have settled let us tell you how you can move around without breaking your budget. The metro was the first thing that came to mind. Good for you! The Dubai Metro is one of the cheapest and most convenient ways of transportation in Dubai. To top that, it is very punctual. You can count on it to get you to your job on time. You can have a monthly ticket of around 250 dirhams for the Nol silver card and 400 dirhams for the Nol golden card. Check all the bus stations next to you for those whose houses are far from the metro. They could be of great help. But be aware of the transport fines in Dubai that will set you back a few hundred dirhams.

We need to offer one tip to all of you here. Choosing a place close to the metro is better, even if it is a bit more expensive, as you will pay less for transportation.

Time to buy the essentials

grocery shops in dubai

Okay, now you’ve got a place. You know how to move around with good options. How about groceries and other essentials? Ready for some grocery shopping within your budget? Grocery shopping is an easy choice. Some good supermarkets offer a wide range of products for reasonable prices. Some examples of these markets are New Mart, Nesto Hypermarket and more. In addition to the supermarkets, you can plan visits to chains of supermarkets like Carrefour and Lulu. Both chains will have good deals on various products, not only groceries.

It is the weekend already.

weekend activities in dubai

You have been living in your friendly-budget house for a while and hope it is cosy or comfortable. You started your job. You know how to manage your transportation budget. Well, it is the weekend. There is plenty of pocket-friendly stuff to do in Dubai, especially in the winter. This month, the weather is cool. It is not hot, yet never so cold. So, enjoy going to the parks that you will find here. You can run for free, paddle, cycle, and savour some foods without paying much.

Advice for people with Children.

schools in dubai

The comparison of “the more expensive the school, the better it is” is not always correct. Because all schools are required to follow the KHDA’s regulations, lower tuition does not necessarily indicate a worse standard of education. Therefore, you can choose a good school on a low budget. Schools that follow the Indian curriculum are usually cheaper than others and are generally good. So you need to search the Internet and ask for other people’s opinions before enrolling your children in school. After all, tuition fees make up the most significant part of the expenses in Dubai.

Final Words

You see now! You can live in Dubai within your budget; you only need to find the right advisor, which is us. Indeed, Dubai’s charm does not stem only from its luxurious brands, unique towers, and excellent business opportunities. It stems from the fact that this city can embrace people from different backgrounds, cultures, races, and even budgets! Dubai has just the right thing to offer for anyone who searches well. It gives you many alternatives. All you need to do is find them!