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Days of sunshine and having more time to spend with your children: For us, that is what summer means. The situation is not the same for your pet. The hot weather can take its toll on them and might even cause them a heatstroke if not properly taken care of. Just like humans, your pets also require taking care of to help them get through the summer and keep them healthy. That is why we introduce in our article ways to protect your pets from overheating this summer.

Ways to protect your pets from the summer heat

1. Get your pet’s hair trimmed

Spending summer in a heavy coat like that of your pet is not something to be enjoyed. So, take him to the groomer and get his coat trimmed but do not let him shave your pet’s coat completely. His coat protects him from sunburns.

2. Keep your dog hydrated

Staying hydrated keeps your dog happy and cool. Therefore, make sure that your dog has access to at least one source of water. On days when it is boiling hot, it is a good idea to add some ice cubes to your dog’s water to protect your pets this summer.

3. Feeding your dog summer-friendly food

There are a variety of fruits and vegetables that can help your pets cool down in this scorching heat and keep them hydrated. You can add fruits like watermelon, apples, bananas, carrots, cucumbers or berries to their diet to help them cool down.

4. Avoid cement floors

Cement floors are very hot for your pet to walk on especially since it releases heat through his paws. Make your best to walk him on the grass or dirt. In this way, you keep his paws from overheating.

5. Embrace the Shade

When sunlight gets too much, make sure to go to shady areas available, so that your pet does not get sunburned. During the peak summer, it is better to keep your pets indoors as the days get hotter.

6. Set better walking hours for your pet

Hot weather should not be an excuse to quitting walking you do. Yet, try to take your dog for walks during hours when there is less direct sunlight and the temperature is lower. Try to take your dog for a walk early in the day or in the evening when the heat is not that much. But be wary of the humidity of the day also. This can lead to severe dehydration. So be sure to keep water on you to stay hydrated for you and your pet.

7. Play in the pool

It is summer! The pool is waiting for you. Take your pet to swim in the pool to beat the heat. You can play some sports such as fetch. You can do that by throwing some toys in the pool, and sending your dog to get them for you.

8. Watch for early warning signs

If your pet is panting heavily, drooling, or vomiting, these are some early signs and you should take action to cool him down. If you think your pet may be experiencing heatstroke, take him to the vet immediately. As we mentioned before, overheating can lead to heart strokes.

9. Do not leave your pet in a parked car

When you park your car under the sun, its temperature increases dramatically. So, never leave your pet in the car even if you leave the windows open.

10. Take them to a pet spa

Let them take a day to immerse in comfort and be pampered by professional hands at a pet spa. For example, My Second Home – Luxury Pet Resort & Spa. Choosing a good pet spa will let your dog enjoy the pools, indoor playtime and other luxuries your pet deserves this summer. This will also help the pet owners to mingle with the other owners and sometimes get some tips they use to keep their pets cool.

11. Use sunblock

There are many products available in the market today that can help block the UVA and UVB rays of the sun and provide protection. Kinda like sunscreen for dogs. These are available in powder or in spray bottles and are available in all local pet shops.

Make Summer Fun for Your Pet

You can make some happy memories with your dog this summer by trying activities such as splashing in a pool or eating puppy popsicles! All you need to be careful about is the heat and the strong sun. Follow the tips mentioned in this article to make sure your pet is safe and sound.

What did you do last summer to protect your pet from overheating? Did you invent any games that help cool him down? What tips do you think are the most useful? Which one have you tried before? Which one are you going to try?

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