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If you are looking to upgrade the design of your house, office, restaurant, café, or any business, you should hire some professionals to provide design inspiration. No matter how creative you are, professional help can go a long way. To help you find such help, we have created a list of the best interior design companies in Dubai segmented by areas to make it easy for you to land a good choice.

Whether you have a massive mansion or a small studio, whether it is located in a prime location or on the outskirts of town, there are interior design companies scattered throughout Dubai to help you get through your designing needs.

Best Interior Design Companies in Dubai

Let’s go through these companies area-by-area so you can narrow the most suited ones conveniently.

Interior Design Companies in Jumeirah Lake Towers or JLT

Jumeirah Lake Towers is considered a business hub in Dubai. This means the neighbourhood is popular among business companies.

VSHD Design

Located at HDS Tower in the Cluster F of Jumeirah Lake Towers, VSHD Design is an award-winning and one of the leading interior design companies in Dubai.

The crown of success of VSHD Design can be awarded to the world-renowned interior designer Rania Hamed. Having won several individual awards, she has lifted the company to great heights. Her designs are minimal, sleek, decent, and truly eye-catching. It’s a blend of classic and contemporary looks.

Some top examples of their projects are Marquise Square and Warehouse Gym.

Phone: +971 04 454 2580


Algedra is home to many famous interior designers. Their office is at JBC 3 in Cluster Y of Jumeirah Lake Towers. They are famous for combining different styles and producing unique outcomes. Due to their extensive experience, they can deliver the best work there is.

Phone: +971 052 811 1106

Business Bay

Business Bay is an area filled with businesses and different corporate offices. Following are a few interior design companies located in Business Bay.

Artizan Interior Design

Artizan office is located at Lake Central Tower in Business Bay. They are famous for their luxurious designs. Whatever project they touch ends up with a touch of luxury.

If you are looking to decorate your corporate office for high-end clients, Artizan is your best bet.

Phone: +971 050 598 5583

Luxury Antonovich

Located at the Exchange Tower in Business Bay, Luxury Antonovich is another interior design company based in Dubai that is known for creating high-end and impressive residential spaces. Their designs are a mixture of classic and modern aspirations. Their services are wide-ranged; they provide full-fledged and fully integrated interior design services.

Phone: +971 052 812 8818

Dubai Design District

As the name implies, some of the best interior design companies in Dubai are located in Dubai Design District.

Aedas Interiors

Aedas Interiors is located in Building 1A in the design district. Home to the best designers, this company is famous and has made a name all over the world. They are not just people with aesthetic eyes, Aedas Interiors is a company with the latest technology and AI software.

Backed up by an extensive portfolio, Aedas Interiors offer many services in different areas to suit your needs and budget. You will find diversity in their work style which enables them to produce designs out of the box. Hotel Indigo, Hong Kong is an excellent example of their top projects.

Phone: +971 04 368 8133

XBD Collective

This company has made its name not only in Dubai but in London too.  Sceptical about giving them a chance? Their portfolio and experience are backed up by 78 awards they have won till now. In Dubai, its office is located in Building 8 in Dubai Design District.

XBD Collective keeps human nature and the mind in perspective while creating designs. This makes them produce inspiring designs capable of building a home in the heart of a viewer. Pavilion Café, Fairmont Dubai Room, and Burj Khalifa Penthouse are some examples of their excellent work.

Phone: +971 04 553 5362

Dubai Marina

Being home to many iconic towers and businesses, Dubai Marina is popular across all the emirates in UAE. Here is the best interior design company in Dubai Marina.


Anarchitect is another interior design company in Dubai with offices both in London and Dubai. The company was founded in 2013 and is famous both in the private and corporate sectors.

The company specializes in designs that are bold depicting they mean business. Their work is recognized across the globe. Al Faya Desert Retreat and Spa and Dubai Hills Villa are top examples of their high-end work.

Phone: +971 04 424 5079

And this wraps our list of best interior design companies in Dubai. Whichever company you chose among these, be confident as you will be getting the best service out there! Check out the best areas to rent an apartment in Dubai.