Undoubtedly, the UAE real estate market is huge! Being an epicentre of global business, tourism, worldwide innovation, and state-of-the-art technology, UAE attracts both investors and professionals from all over the world. Elite businessmen from across the globe seek investment opportunities in UAE. With the real estate market of UAE generating an increase in ROI consistently, more and more investors are looking at different investment visas in UAE.

Luckily, you can now enjoy living in UAE by getting an investment visa. For real estate investors, UAE currently offers two types of long-term visas. But before jumping into that, first things first:

What is an Investment Visa in UAE?

investment visas in UAE

The UAE investor visa, also known as the “partner visa”, is for those who want to conduct their business in UAE. You must be an investor to apply for this type of visa.

Ten-Year Investor Visa

Investment plays a major role in becoming eligible for a ten-year investor visa in UAE. An expat must have a public investment of at least 10 M AED in the UAE to apply for this visa. Following are the investments eligible to attain a long-term real estate investor visa in UAE.

  • A new company in any of the Emirates with a capital investment of 10 M AED.
  • A partnership in an existing company. This means you must own shares worth at least 10 M AED.
  • Have deposits of at least 10 M AED. These deposits can be in any Emirate.

Now that you know what types of investments are eligible under the long-term visa category, let’s become precise and talk about the conditions mandatory for the ten-year investor visa.

  • Out of your 10 M AED or more investment in UAE, 60% of the amount should not be in the property portal. This means 60% of the investment should be in sectors other than the real estate market.
  • It is mandatory that your investment of 10 M AED or more has financial solvency.
  • Your investment must be loan-free. The amount invested in the UAE should not be loaned.
  • The property in UAE must be retained for at least three years.

With the ten-year investor, you get some special perks or options. To name a few:

  • If you are granted a ten-year investor visa, you can extend it to your business partners. The condition here is that the partners must also make an investment of 10 M AED.
  • Holding a ten-year investor visa gives you the privilege to include an executive director or an advisor apart from children and spouses.
  • If you are a foreign investor, you can apply for a multiple-entry permit. This permit is for a six-month period.

Five-Year Investor Visa

A five-year investment visa in UAE is up for grabs both for businessmen and investors. But the eligibility criteria for both are not the same.

For businessmen and entrepreneurs, it is mandatory for them to be a part of an existing project with a capital amount of 500,000 AED. These visa holders can also include a partner and three executives apart from the children and spouse.

For property investors, let’s discuss the requirements in more detail:

  • The investor applying for this visa must have an investment of at least 5 M AED in a property. This can be in any of the Emirates in the UAE.
  • Like a ten-year investor visa, the applicants for the five-year visa must also prove that their investment is not loaned. The investment should be completely loan-free!
  • The property in UAE must be retained for at least three years.

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Key Benefits of the UAE Investor Visa

UAE investor visa comes with special benefits for the visa holder. The top one is being able to live in the most luxurious part of the Earth.

  • You can reside in any of the Emirates.
  • You can open a bank account in any Emirate.
  • You can apply for a driving license.
  • You can get a job as a teacher in schools.

That is all for the basics about the investor visa in UAE. We will also publish a more comprehensive guide about how to apply and how to look for investment opportunities in the coming weeks.

Like investor visas, there are residence visas and retirement visas as well that ensure your stay in the UAE. You might want to explore those options as well if you are in it just to reside and enjoy the world-class lifestyle UAE offers.