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Take a stroll down any road in the UAE and you are absolutely destined to find people vaping in a lot of different places. Vaping is the new trend that held sway over different generations throughout the country. The colourful visage and the pleasing fruity tastes make vaping a winner between teenagers and young people. Older people vape as a way to lessen their dependence on tobacco cigarettes and to help them quit smoking altogether. But why did vaping constitute such a phenomenon and have this massive popularity? Is vaping better than cigarettes? And is it the best solution to quit smoking? These are the issues our blog is going to answer.

Vaping as the New Trend:

The popularity of the recent concept of vaping comes mainly from the idea it is healthier than regular tobacco cigarettes. When it comes to teenagers’ opinions on vaping, they believe that it is healthier than smoking. As the idea has a hint of truth, it is yet dangerous. It leads people to believe that they are not doing something harmful. On the contrary, vaping is only considered a healthy option when it is compared to the great danger of regular cigarettes. In addition to that, people could resort to the use of vaping because of the relatively cheaper cost of reusable vape pens.

Vaping vs. Cigarettes; Which to Choose!

vaping vs cigarettes

Ordinary people may be led to think that vaping is the best solution for quitting smoking and substituting regular cigarettes. But what do health experts have to say? The issue has two different cases. Some people switched completely from cigarettes to vaping, while others continue to mix and match smoking cigarettes sometimes, and resort to vaping other times in what is known as “dual users.”

For people who quit smoking completely and are stuck to vaping, experts say that this is a better choice based on the principle that it is the lesser of two evils. Vaping appears to have less harmful effects than cigarettes, but the reason is not that it is harmless. On the contrary, it still contains chemicals, addictive substances, and toxins. But compared to tobacco cigarettes, it posits a smaller threat. Yet, the threat is still there. Since vaping is relatively new, there are still doubts and uncertainties about which chemicals are included in the vapour of a vape. New studies link chronic lung diseases and asthma to vaping. It needs more years of study and research to confirm the bad effects of vaping on the health of its long-term users.

On the other hand, vaping is an absolutely harmful practice to combine with smoking regular cigarettes. Diseases that are linked to cigarettes, such as lung cancer and cardiovascular diseases, are heightened and more probable with vaping. Users of both have more nicotine income in their bodies which eventually leads to their bodies being highly more dependent on nicotine, and by association being at greater risk of the diseases linked to it.

A Final Thought on the Issue

When vaping is practised as a social activity irrelevant to smoking tobacco cigarettes, it is socially more accepted, and sure to have less harmful effects than the other option. Yet, experts insist that there are other ways to quit smoking that could be less harmful. What about you our dear readers? Where do you stand on the vaping vs. smoking controversy? Have you tried vaping before? Share your experience with us in the comments!

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