downtown dubai

Downtown Dubai is a famous neighbourhood. Living there is deemed as a status of a good life. This is because of the lifestyle its modern community offers. There are huge shopping malls, tens of entertainment centres, world-class dining options, and high-end public amenities. All of this makes Downtown Dubai an opulent zone to live in. However, before making a decision to move in, it is handy to go through the pros and cons of living in Downtown Dubai to help make an informed decision.

Pros of Living in Downtown Dubai

Because of the luxurious lifestyle Downtown Dubai promises, it is very easy to point out the pros of living in this neighbourhood as there are many. Below are some highlights.

Easy Access to Famous Tourist Attractions Is Definitely A Pro Of Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai is responsible for almost half of the fame Dubai has in the world. Imagine waking up daily having the gigantic Burj Khalifa in the backdrop of your building with the fantastic Dubai Fountains a couple of blocks away. From the tallest building in the world to the biggest mall in the world (The Dubai Mall), Downtown Dubai has everything Dubai stands for.

A Pet-friendly Community

This is a great plus point. Most of the residential buildings around the world do not allow pets; things are different in Downtown Dubai. Not all, but many of the buildings in Downtown Dubai allow you to bring in your furry friends. However, it is still advisable to check with the landlord if it’s permissible or not.

Luxuries Properties

Downtown Dubai is a meticulous project; the developers pay high attention to the details. It’s well maintained, clean, and equipped with world-class amenities and exquisite apartments. Also, the developers are continuously working to provide modern amenities to the residents so you always feel a step ahead of the rest of the world.

Luxurious Lifestyle

Living in Downtown Dubai is never dull or boring. Whether you are a foodie or like to participate in physical activities, Downtown Dubai will not disappoint you. From a range of exquisite cafes and restaurants to roaming the Dubai Mall and shopping from top brands, Downtown Dubai never feels out of colour.

Connected to Major Business Hubs

You know already know that Downtown Dubai is itself a great venue. What makes it even better is that it is close to major business hubs like DIFC and Business Bay. These are Dubai’s most significant business hubs. If you have professional and commercial projects there, you get to travel with ease and convenience.

Easy Access to Public Transport

The next perk of living in Downtown Dubai is its connectivity with the rest of Dubai. Via Dubai Mall Metro Station, you can easily commute to your jobs/businesses in DIFC, Business Bay, and Dubai Internet City. Also, The Emirate Towers Metro Station is only within a walking distance.

Cons of Living in Downtown Dubai

It won’t be fair if you do get to check both the pros and cons of living in Downtown Dubai. Upcoming is a list of some of the prominent cons you might want to consider before moving there.

Limited Options for Villas

Downtown Dubai is a place for rental apartments. There are few options available for villas. This makes Downtown Dubai a restricted place if you are looking for a big place family to move in with your family in a spacious style.

Lack of Schools

Currently, there are no schools in Downtown Dubai. This is s major downside especially if you are thinking about moving with your family. The nearest schools are located in Jumeirah and Our Metha. This makes it a difficult choice as parents prioritize sending their children to the closest facility.

But all in all, Downtown Dubai is a place of dreams. It’s an elite neighbourhood where you get modern facilities equipped with the latest technology. Also, there are a lot of tourist attractions. You can go shopping in the massive malls, climb the tallest building and feel the clouds touch your cheeks, or enjoy a wonderful performance at Dubai Opera.

Although this article is intended to list both pros and cons of living in Downtown Dubai, we surely faced difficulties to find the con points we have stated.

You can have a similar lifestyle as Downtown Dubai at Business Bay if you are opting for an alternate. Let us know in the comments what you think.