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Essential Living Amenities In Dubai – To Make Your Stay Enjoyable

Moving to Dubai and settling there can be an exciting opportunity. This city holds many investment and job opportunities for people willing to find them. Moreover, it is one of the safest cities in the world, with a low crime rate. It is no wonder that more and more families are attracted to shifting to this city, where they can raise their children with ultimate peace of mind. To top it all, the multicultural aspect of this city gives you a chance to learn more about different cultures and traditions. All in all, you should not miss the experience of living here. This article will guide you through the essential amenities that can make your stay in Dubai more enjoyable while staying in an apartment.

Top 10 amenities to have in apartment buildings in Dubai.

1. Parking for your vehicle.

car parking facility for an apartment building

Despite Dubai’s excellent public transportation networks, life is much easier with a car. Most people who have lived in Dubai for a while will understand what we are talking about here. Given the city’s congested traffic, occupants of apartments must have access to plenty of parking. A quality apartment complex will provide residents and visitors with safe, covered parking.

2. A gym and a swimming pool – The perfect combination for hot weather in Dubai.

gym and swimming pool amenities in the building

With the increasing awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, most people prefer buildings with a gym and a swimming pool. In Dubai, the weather gets scorching in the summer. With such weather, going out for your daily walk could be challenging. If your apartment provides a swimming pool and a closed gym, you will never miss your exercise during the hot months. A pool with a nice view offers a cool respite from the heat and a terrific location for fitness and socializing. The same applies to the gym. You can get to know other tenants while jogging on the treadmill!

3. Communal amenities can help residents have a more enjoyable stay.

supermarkets near apartment buildings

It is generally desirable to have communal amenities like stores, food chains, restaurants, and supermarkets on-site or near your apartment. You can order everything online, but some people prefer shopping in person, especially regarding groceries. Therefore, apartments that are close to these amenities make it convenient for their inhabitants and make their stay more fun. In addition to the stores and shopping centres, top apartment complexes in Dubai provide amenities like movie theatres, game rooms, and outdoor areas.

4. Housekeeping and maintenance services – Maintaining a well-kept house can be time-consuming.

housekeeping and maintenance services

Maintaining a clean, well-kept apartment may be time-consuming and challenging, particularly in a bustling metropolis like Dubai. Most tenants will have jobs to attend to and need more time for cleaning. For that reason, looking for an apartment that provides housekeeping and maintenance services to assist you in maintaining the appearance of their units is a good idea.

5. High-speed internet is key to staying connected.

high speed internet connection in apartments

Nowadays, many jobs have become online jobs. People order their food and even clothes via the internet. Nobody can deny the growing importance of the network in our everyday lives. As a result, high-speed internet has become essential in continuously improving cities such as Dubai. As a result, you will need quick and dependable internet access to stay connected.

6. Pet-friendly features in your apartment.

pet friendly amenities in apartments

Many of Dubai’s tenants move to Dubai with their pets. This love for their pets increases your apartment’s need for pet-friendly features. In addition, some of the apartments in Dubai will provide you with rooms specially designed for your pets and even grooming services.

7. Children’s play areas can be a lifesaver for busy families.

children's play area at apartment buildings

This amenity can be significant for families with younger children. Taking your children to the park daily can be tricky if you have a busy schedule. Instead, you can let them play in the safe and fun space in your building. Your child will have the chance to bond with other children and have a good time while you unwind after a long, tiring day. The children’s play area usually has exciting toys and games to keep your child occupied.

8. Apartments with ample storage space can help keep things clutter-free

storage space amenities in apartments

Ample storage space, such as closets and on-site storage facilities, can help homeowners organise their belongings and eliminate clutter in their homes. Many of the population in the multicultural metropolis of Dubai lead an active and sociable lifestyle. The apartment’s ample storage space enables occupants to keep their stuff, clothes, sports gear, and other items for hobbies, making it more straightforward for them to follow their passions and host guests.

9. Rooftop terraces with a stunning skyline view are a must-have.

view of dubai skyline from terrace of apartment buidling

The gorgeous skyline of Dubai is well-known, and many locals savour the views from their apartment balconies. The best apartments in Dubai provide rooftop terraces with stunning city views. These terraces are beautiful locations to mingle, unwind, and take in the magnificent sunsets of the city.

10. 24/7 security services to keep you at peace.

security systems in apartment buildings

As we mentioned in our introduction, Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world. Some apartments provide 24/7 security services to give you the peace of mind you deserve. In addition to the security personnel, you can have security cameras and access control systems. These are all to ensure that you are safe and in peace.

To Sum It Up

To conclude, living in Dubai is an experience like no other. However, the amenities we have mentioned in our list make this experience even more enjoyable for all family members. It’s easy to find such properties through online property portals. Are you living in Dubai? How long have you been living there? Do you have all the amenities we have mentioned in our list? Are there more important ones to mention? All these questions are for you to answer. Do not hesitate to share your ideas in the comment section below. But, as always, we cannot wait to hear from you all.