The city of dreams and ambitions is always trying to find ways to make life here even better. As part of Dubai’s attempt to reduce its carbon footprint, it has been trying to find new ways of transportation, such as e-scooters. To make sure that the emirate is safe as it has always been, a set of rules and regulations for driving the e-scooter has been issued. In this article, we will be introducing the general and new rules for driving an E-scooter in Dubai. Continue reading and get ready for the exciting ride.

New Regulations for Driving E-Scooter

To guarantee the safety of both the pedestrians and people driving the e-scooter, a set of regulations have been announced and they should be read and understood. According to the Dubai Media Office, people who want to use an e-scooter are supposed to get a driving permit. This statement was announced on March 31 and attributed to a council resolution that Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed passed to regulate bicycles, electric bikes, and scooters in Dubai.

To be able to get the permit and drive an E-Scooter, one must be over the age of 16. To apply for this permit for free, the user can go to RTA’s official website to take an awareness course. After you are done with this course, you must pass an online test. However, if you already have -an international or Emirati driving car license or a motorbike-driving license, you are exempted from getting a separate license for driving your E-scooter.

In addition to these rules, one must adhere to all other safety measures that protect you and the ones around you. This includes:

  • Wearing protective vests and helmets
  • Maintaining a safe distance from vehicles on the road
  • Carrying the supposed number of passengers
  • Indicating turns by using hand signals
  • Not using scooters on the road, which have a speed limit of 60 km per hour.

Another rule regarding driving e-scooters, which has recently been passed, is that a 200 dirham fine should be paid for parking e-scooters outside of permitted spots, so learn more about where e-scooters are allowed in the coming few lines.

Areas Where E-Scooter Are Permitted

Specific areas have been selected for the use of an e-scooter. Those areas have been chosen according to some important criteria. Those criteria include

  • High population density
  • Development areas
  • Areas that have public transport and are not far from a metro station
  • Areas that have a high level of traffic safety
  • Areas that have integrated infrastructure.

The chosen areas are Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai Internet City, al-Rigga, 2nd of December Street, The Palm Jumeirah, and City Walk.


Dubai is trying its best to make our life better. While attempting to find ways to save the environment, it is also passing regulations that ensure the safety of those using these new ways. Hence, it is extremely important to abide by these regulations.