petrol stations in dubai

UAE has probably the best network of petrol stations in the whole world. And that makes sense as the country is the largest oil producer in the world and has seen a complete transformation of its society, architecture, infrastructure, and technology since it stepped into the oil industry. In this article, we will be focusing on the petrol stations in Dubai that are reliable and trusted.

A-List of Top Petrol Stations in Dubai

Almost all the petrol stations have different types of fuels available for their customers. Petrol, LPG, gas oil, as well as oils that are used for engine maintenance are available 24/7 at all the petrol or fueling stations.

Emarat Petrol Station, Dubai

Emarat is a popular name in the fuel industry not only in Dubai but in the whole world. It supplies Special 95, Super 98, diesel, LPG, and Gas Oil. This means it can cater to almost everyone including cars, trucks, furnaces, boilers, aircraft, and fleets.

With more than 60 petrol stations in Dubai, Emarat easily takes the first spot as the most trusted petroleum supplier. Its filling stations are modern and lively. Apart from filling, the stations across the city also offer relevant services like a car wash, vehicle testing, and tire changing.

Emarat has a consumer volume of about 100 million retail and commercial customers per annum. They offer easy and convenient ways for payment too. There is a different card available for persons with different priorities and needs. So It caters to a diverse range of drivers.

  • Safeer, a credit card, provides easy fleet management
  • Atheer, a prepaid card, is best for small to medium-sized fleets
  • Connect is perfect for retail customers who need to fill their vehicles or avail of services

Apart from these, they also have their own Emarat cards. These petrol stations are scattered throughout Dubai in Jumeirah, Sheikh Zayed Road, Deira, Bur Dubai, Al Khawaneej, etc.


The next one on this list is ADNOC and it is known for its eco-friendly fuels. It is a popular name in the industry and one of the largest chains of fueling stations. ADNOC petrol stations are easily reachable in the whole UAE. In Dubai, they are found in neighbourhoods close to Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah.

The fuel types available at ADNOC are diverse. Diesel, NGV, E-Plus 91, Special 95, Super 98, all of these are available so you can pick the best one according to your vehicle’s requirements. For example, Special 95 is best for cars that require medium octane fuel.


ENOC and EPPCO were two separate companies in the past and ENOC has taken over EPPCO recently. They are trusted for the quality of their petrol. They have about 116 petrol stations in Dubai that can cater to your fueling and car service needs.

Like any top petroleum products company, they have different fuel types available. Special ULG 85, Super ULG 98, diesel gas oil, you need it, they got it.

ENOC group is not only famous via word of mouth. They have bagged many appreciation awards including the Annual Energy Award and CIPS. Their petrol stations are located in different locations all over Dubai.

Wait, there is more!

If you are talking about Dubai, there must be something out of the box. That applies to fueling companies too. In Dubai, CAFU is working as an online fuel delivery app.

CAFU – an online fuel delivery app

CAFU delivers the fuel you need to your doorstep and they are available 24/7. It’s reliable, the cost is almost the same amount as a petrol station, and it saves you from the trouble and long queues at petrol stations.

And that is it. Regardless of your vehicle type, you can take it to any of these fueling stations in Dubai and they will cater to your needs. Do you crave snacks often? Almost every station has its own convenience store as well!

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