public transportation fine in dubai

While living in Dubai, you might have used the public transport system at least once. The public transport system of Dubai is an intricate network of buses, metros, and trams that connect the whole city and enables its citizens to travel safely and conveniently. This transport network is managed and supervised by Road and Transport Authority (RTA) and they have made a strict set of rules that citizens must abide by to ensure a smooth and safe flow of transport. Failing to observe these rules results in a fine, which is quite heavy in most instances. We have posted this article on public transport fines in Dubai to help you get familiar with the rules a person using public transport in Dubai is obliged to follow.

Public Transport Fines in Dubai

In this article, we have listed all the fines you can accrue while using Dubai Tram, Dubai Metro, or RTA Public Buses. For this purpose, we have categorized the violations and respective public transport fines into different segments.

Note: the fines discussed and listed below are exclusive of the Knowledge and Innovation fee.

Public Transport Fines For Fare and NOL Card Violations

These violations include offences related to fare payment and NOL card usage.

  • Using the service without paying the fare: 200 AED
  • Not able to present NOL card: 300 AED
  • Expired card: 200 AED
  • Invalid card: 500 AED
  • Fake card: 500 AED
  • Someone else’s card: 200 AED
  • Selling NOL cards without authority: 500 AED

Transport Fines For Health Violations

These fines are related to certain health violations. They are issued to ensure the health and safety of the passengers.

  • Bringing animals: 100 AED
  • Littering: 200 AED
  • Spitting: 200 AED
  • Smoking: 200 AED

Note: Guide dogs for visually impaired personals are allowed inside the public transport and will not be subjected to violation or fine.

Behavioural Violations

To ensure discipline, Road and Transport Authority also issues fines for behavioural offences.

  • Disturbance on metro or tram: 100 AED
  • Disturbance on a public bus: 200 AED
  • Sitting in spaces marked for specific categories: 100 AED
  • Chewing a gum: 100 AED
  • Eating/drinking: 100 AED
  • Sleeping in the passenger area: 300 AED
  • Damage to metro or tram: 2,000 AED
  • Damage to public bus: 1,000 AED
  • Parking the vehicle for longer than permitted: 100 AED per day (up to 1,000 AED)

Compliance Violations

These fines are there to ensure the compliance of the passengers and make the public transport comfortable for everyone.

  • Moving to restricted areas: 100 AED
  • Feet on the seats: 100 AED
  • Promotion/Selling of a product: 200 AED
  • Non-compliance with the inspector’s instructions: 200 AED

Safety Violations

These fines restrain the actions of the passengers to ensure the safety of everyone.

  • Misuse of an escalator (metro and tram): 100 AED
  • Misuse of an escalator (public bus): 200 AED
  • Opening the door while in motion: 100 AED
  • Carrying inconvenient equipment: 100 AED
  • Distracting the driver: 200 AED
  • Carrying alcohol: 500 AED
  • Carrying hazardous items: 1,000 AED
  • Misuse of emergency buttons or safety kit: 2,000 AED

Important Points to Know about Public Transport Fines in Dubai

  • To pay public bus fines, you can go to the Customer Happiness Centre located at Al Kifaf. You will need to present the fine number at the counter. They will process it and ask you to pay the required amount. By the way, the Customer Happiness Centre only accepts cash payments.
  • To pay Dubai Tram or Dubai Metro fine, you can go directly to the inspector if you have got a printed fine ticket. If the inspector is unavailable, you can go to any RTA Happiness Centre to pay your dues. At the Customer Happiness Centers, you will need to produce both the printed fine ticket and your ID against which the fine was issued.
  • However, if you have not received a printed fine ticket and the fine was issued manually, you can pay it at any Dubai Metro station.
  • To make the fine payments easy and swift, more and more ways are also being introduced by RTA. These channels include online methods like paying via the Dubai Police website and app or paying through banks and Wall Street Exchange.

This wraps up our article on public transport fines in Dubai. If you are new in Dubai, it is advised to get yourself familiarized with the rules as soon as possible and also read the instructions on board whenever you use a means of public transport. Check out the top 10 places you can visit in Dubai.