apartments in JBR

The Jumeirah Beach Residence, or JBR, has been in the spotlight as a trendy place for an abode since its development. It is a beachfront, multicultural community where you can enjoy the urban lights as much as natural scenery, water, and sand grains. Because of the dozens of reasons that make JBR an excellent residential choice, it is a community very popular among people looking to rent apartments in JBR.

Top Buildings to Rent Apartments in JBR

If you are planning to live in Dubai and you have your eyes set on JBR, you are in for a treat. A vast sea, a sandy beach, world-class apartments with modern amenities, and great entertainment spots are some of the things that make Jumeriah Beach Residence a great place to live.

Before you start your hunt to rent an apartment in JBR, keep in mind that the choices are many. There are about 40 high-rise towers divided into six clusters. To make it easy for you, we have compiled a list of popular clusters with buildings having the best apartments.

Rent Apartments – Rimal

The community of Rimal is located between Bahar and Amwaj. It is one of the few clusters with its own mosque. The Rimal cluster has six residential towers among which Rimal 1 is the most popular one due to its modernity, high-end amenities, and wonderful architecture.

For rental residential options, Rimal has everything. From small studios to spacious penthouses, there is a myriad of choices. While living in Rimal, you can wake up to the stunning views of the Dubai Marina skyline and the vast Arabian Gulf. The apartments feature sleek designs amalgamated with comfortable interiors.

Another good thing about Rimal is that you do not have to travel far for little household things. There are multiple supermarkets and pharmacies on the shared podium. Also, the location is prime; it is located directly across from the coolest outdoor leisure spot The Beach.

The average rental costs are as follows:

  • One Bed Apartment: 72,000 AED per annum
  • Two Bed Apartment: 91,000 AED per annum
  • Three-Bed Apartment: 133,000 AED per annum


The next one on this list is the community of Sadaf. This is one of the greener neighbourhoods in Dubai. Like in Rimal, the residential options in Sadaf are plenty. There are residential towers as well as hotel apartments where you can find decent abodes equipped with high-end amenities.

The location of Sadaf is optimal for a comfortable living. Nearby Subway makes it easy for the Sadaf tenants to commute. Also, you can find Medcare Medical Centre, LIFE Pharmacy, and All Day Mini Mart, all on the Plaza level. Such facilities make life convenient as Dubai is famous for making you travel by car to get a simple bottle of water.

Sadaf also hosts tens of famous restaurants. The Walk is in close proximity to Sadaf where there are high-end restaurants like Blaze Burgers, Café Bateel, and Automatic Restaurant. Moreover, a Dubai Tram station is located just opposite the Sadaf cluster.

The average rental costs are:

  • One Bed Apartment: 74,000 AED per annum
  • Two Bed Apartment: 91,000 AED per annum
  • Three-Bed Apartment: 124,000 AED per annum


Bahar comes next on our list of best communities to rent an apartment in JBR. Just like Sadaf, the Bahar cluster features both residential towers and hotel apartments. Bahar has one of the best-shared facilities in JBR. Along with that, there are many restaurants and supermarkets nearby. You can get almost every household item within a walking distance.

This cluster is also good for people who are fitness freaks. It has its own community gym and a basketball court. Blacklight Mini Golf is also situated in Bahar. If you are living in Bahar, there are plenty of spots for you to go visit during the weekend.

Following are the average rental costs:

  • One Bed Apartment: 69,000 AED per annum
  • Two Bed Apartment: 88,000 AED per annum


Last but not least, the cluster of Murjan is located at the northern end of JBR and it features six residential towers. This means the apartments available for rent in JBR are plenty. Also, Murjan has comparatively larger apartments than the other clusters on this list. This makes Murjan an ideal choice for families moving in.

The shared facilities in Murjan are impressive. Firstly, there is a mosque that makes Murjan one of the few clusters that have its own mosque. Then there is the Carrefour Market for your groceries and daily household items so you do not have to travel far. There are also multiple dining spots and coffee shops in Murjan to enjoy good company and relax at weekend with the significant ones.

The average rental costs are as follows:

  • One Bed Apartment: 71,000 AED per annum
  • Two Bed Apartment: 111,000 AED per annum
  • Three-Bed Apartment: 126,000 AED per annum

This brings us to the end. We hope this helped you in your search to rent apartments in JBR. Obviously, JBR offers plenty of choices and it is up to you to set up your preferences while looking for an abode. Overall, the JBR community is multicultural, has plenty of good entertainment and leisure spots, hosts scenic views, and then there is the beach which is a blessing for nature lovers!

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