apartments in business bay

Equally popular as a residential and commercial district in Dubai, Business Bay is renowned for its tall residential buildings and its world-class apartments. These buildings promise a high-end lifestyle to their tenants while providing them with a myriad of amenities to enjoy. It is an ideal spot for professionals and working couples to rent apartments in Business Bay.

Business Bay is located just off Sheikh Zayed Road to the south of Downtown Dubai. Although its prime location means a lot of traffic on the roads, the Metro Station nearby makes commuting very easy.

Best Residential Towers for Renting Apartments in Business Bay

We have compiled a list of the best residential towers in Business Bay to help you find an apartment that suits your requirements perfectly. These towers are an excellent choice if you are looking to upgrade your lifestyle. They offer all the modern amenities that include swimming pools, gyms, play areas for kids, etc.

Rent Apartments in The Executive Towers, Business Bay

On top of our list is the most popular location for renting apartments in Business Bay: Executive Towers. Business Bay is huge; it has 12 residential and commercial towers offering a myriad of modern apartments equipped with modern amenities. From singleton to small families, Executive Towers is ideal for every sort of person as it has everything Dubai is known for.

Apart from modern design and architecture and high-end amenities in apartments, Executive Towers offers world-class shared facilities to its tenants. These shared facilities range from play areas for kids to big swimming pools and a BBQ area. Following are the average rental costs:

  • One Bed Apartment: 63,000 AED per annum
  • Two Bed Apartment: 87,000 AED per annum

Capital Bay Towers

The next one on our list of popular residential buildings in Business Bay is Capital Bay Towers. The benefits of these buildings are many: vast parking space, ample gym facilities, swimming pools, etc. Capital Bay Towers features two towers: Capital Bay Tower A and Capital Bay Tower B.

Capital Bay Towers is located near Al Khail road. The buildings have a variety of apartments to choose from and they all offer state-of-the-art facilities. Another advantage of living in Capital Bay Towers is that it is surrounded by world-class dining outlets, entertainment spots, and shopping centres.

The rental cost of living in Capital Bay Towers is comparatively lower than the rental prices of apartments in Executive Towers. But it does not mean any fewer amenities. Capital bay Towers is a place to upgrade your lifestyle.

  • One Bed Apartment: 60,000 AED per annum
  • Two Bed Apartment: 78,000 AED per annum

DAMAC Towers

DAMAC Towers by Paramount Hotels and Resorts features three residential towers and one world-class hotel. These towers are inspired by Hollywood themes and living there you get vibes of different colours and luxury. Shared facilities include a world-class gym, ample swimming pool with a temperature control mechanism, jacuzzi, and sauna.

The hotel, being managed by Paramount Hotels and Resorts, has classy vibes and is perfect for high-end dining. If you are in for renting an apartment in Business Bay, do give DAMAC Towers a visit.

  • One Bed Apartment: 68,000 AED per annum
  • Two Bed Apartment: 98,000 AED per annum

Ontario Tower

The next one on this list is Ontario Tower – a perfect residential building for families as the shared facilities include a play area and a small daycare centre. Located near Sheikh Zayed Road, Ontario Tower is not entirely dedicated to residential abodes. The building has both commercial and residential value.

Within one tower, you get shops, mini-malls, and offices. This means you do not have to drive for every household item required. There are separate swimming pools for men and women, a decent gym, tens of shops, etc. The average rental costs are:

  • One Bed Apartment: 50,000 AED per annum
  • Two Bed Apartment: 60,000 AED per annum

Merano Tower

The last building on our list of best buildings to look for apartments in Business Bay is Merano Tower. It is a 29-storey residential complex located in close proximity to major attractions of Dubai like Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall, and the Dubai Fountain.

The residential apartments for rent in Merano Tower are comfortable, spacious, and equipped with modern amenities. You can also check out fully furnished apartments if you like convenience and comfort. Following are the average rental costs:

  • One Bed Apartment: 50,000 AED per annum
  • Two Bed Apartment: 60,000 AED per annum

That concludes our list of best residential towers in Business Bay to rent apartments. Living in Business Bay means a lot of hustle and bustle and that is perfect if you like swiftness in life. We hope this article helps you in your search for rental apartments in Business Bay.