Living in Dubai has its lavish perks and privileges. The luxurious lifestyle it offers makes it certain for the resident to fall in love with this prolific city. It is a multicultural city where people from across the globe rush to work, manage and operate. Having spent your whole life working in Dubai, have you ever thought about settling here post-retirement? Dubai is known for letting go of people after retirement but that has changed recently after the announcement about the retirement visa in Dubai.

What is Dubai Retirement Visa Scheme?

retirement visa in Dubai

Following the directives of the ruling body of UAE, Dubai Tourism and General Directorate for Residency and Foreigner Affairs introduced this retirement visa scheme for retired personnel so they can enjoy the world-class amenities and facilities in UAE after retirement. This scheme ought to “boost the city’s economy” and “will enable expatriates and international retirees to take advantage of the city’s open-door policy”, according to Helal Al Marri, Director General of Dubai Tourism.

All about Retirement Visa in Dubai

It is a five-year renewable retirement visa in Dubai offered to retired ex-pats so they can extend their stay in Dubai and continue to enjoy the lifestyle they have been enjoying for years. People with retirement visas can live with their spouses and children.

The term “renewable” means a visa can be renewed online after the five-year term. However, there are certain eligibility criteria and requirements which must be fulfilled.

Age requirements:

  • To apply for a retirement visa in Dubai, the candidates must be 55 years of age or above.
  • Children of the applicant must meet certain criteria as well. A boy must be less than 18 and a girl less than 21. If they are above this threshold, they must go for a student visa.

Financial requirements:

  • The applicant must have an income of AED 20,000/month. This can either be from pension or last employer, OR
  • The applicant must have AED 1 M worth of savings, OR
  • The applicant must own un-mortgaged real estate property in Dubai worth AED 2 M or more, OR
  • A combination of savings and property valued at AED 2 M.

Medical requirements:

Initially, the applicant had to buy medical insurance before submitting the visa application. The government has eased this now and one can apply for a retirement visa in Dubai without medical insurance.

However, when the application is approved, the candidate must buy medical insurance. Candidates with international medical insurance can use it if their company provides a letter that their insurance plan includes UAE.

Renewal of the Retirement Visa

The renewals are automated and will happen automatically online if the applicant continues to meet the criteria.

How to apply: –

The government has ensured that the application process is simple, efficient, and swift. The whole process can be done online. We have gathered information from the official Retire in Dubai website and explained it in a step-by-step approach below:

  1. Download the application form from the website and email your filled application to
  2. All the required documents should be attached with the application form. The required documents are:
    Passport copies
    Copy of marriage certificate
    Copy of current UAE visa
    Copy of Emirates ID
    Further documents are also required depending upon your chosen retirement visa option.
  3. Pay a non-refundable amount of 25usd. Not that this is a processing fee and does not guarantee visa approval.
  4. If your documents need further attestation or attention, you will be contacted by Dubai Tourism.
  5. Once approved by Dubai Tourism, your documents will be sent to the responsible entity.

Impact on Property

Will this retirement visa scheme have an impact on the property? Absolutely yes! This scheme is ought to encourage more and more people to find their homes and get settled in Dubai. We are about to see a surge in people coming from across the globe as retiree friends or family members. If you have an interest in investing in the real estate market in Dubai, provide investor visas that meet the requirements.