shees park

A few decades ago, the place where UAE stands with its glamour was nothing but large dunes of wavering sand. Currently, UAE is not only home to the most impressive architecture and landscapes in the world, but the country has also developed vast green spots and is continuously striving towards more and more greenery. In October 2020, Shees Park was inaugurated in Khor Fakkan and we have prepared a Shees Park guide so you can make the best out of your next visit.

Shees Park Guide: Location, Activities, Rules, etc

Shees Park is a recent addition to the UAE’s green spots and its beauty is amplified by the surrounding Hajar Mountains. The Park is perfect for spending a weekend with family or friends.

Where is it Located?

The Park is located near the borders of Sharjah, near Wadi Shees in Khor Fakkan. It takes about 90 minutes of drive to reach here from Dubai.

What is the Easiest Route from Dubai?

You can take the Emirates Road (E611) heading towards Sharjah and take an exit for Khor Fakkan Road. Continue down the Khor Fakkan Road until you reach the Shees area (it is 70 kilometres approximately). From there, you can take the Masafi Road which will lead you straight to Shees Park.

  1. S do not forget to pack some snacks as the lush greenery urges you to do a picnic!

Some Points to be Noted:

  • If you plan to host a barbecue, it is only allowed in the designated areas. We advise you to make a booking in advance to ensure is a spot available.
  • Activities such as camping, football, shisha, and horse riding are not allowed.
  • Swimming in the water bodies in the park is not allowed.
  • No vehicle is allowed inside the park.
  • No dogs are allowed inside the park.

What are the Activities to Enjoy?

Our Shees Park guide ought to walk you through the activities to enjoy at the park too. It is a vast park and it offers a lot of outdoor activities to do with friends or family.

Check out the Waterfall

The Park has a 25-meter high waterfall! The fact that makes it amazing is that it is man-made and carved from scratch. Do go there and admire the scenic beauty of the waterfall and watch it blend in with the beautiful lake.

Host a BBQ Picnic

Shees park has designated barbecue areas where you get to host and enjoy an outdoor barbecue picnic. Also, this makes the rest of the park invalid for doing a barbecue. The park has shaded areas for sitting so you can rest in convenience.

Take a Stroll

If you are a nature-friendly soul and love to walk, this park is your haven. There are large lawns, beautiful landscapes, and relaxing greenery that makes you feel light as a feather.

Enjoy with your Kids

The Park has dedicated areas for playing. There are swings, slides, and see-saws, so your kids can enjoy the play area.

Climb the Mountain Walkways

The 506 meters of Mountain Walkways in Shees Park is a fun activity to do with friends. You get to climb the walkways; it’s sort of like trekking. The mountain terraces offer a splendid view of the whole park.

Enjoy the Outdoor Theatre

There is an outdoor theatre in the park where you can watch fun shows with your family or friends. This amphitheatre is vast and can cater to 70 people.

Is there any Entrance Fee?

No, there is no entrance fee and it is free for all visitors. If you are an inhabitant of Dubai and looking for free things to do in Dubai without leaving the city, we have a guide for that as well.

That is all for Shees Park Guide from our side. Do not underestimate this spot; it is a perfect place for family and friendly road trips and picnics. Whenever the weather is lovely, take advantage and head to Shees Park.

We hope this article helped you and urged you to plan a weekend at Shees Park soon. Let us know about your experience of the place.