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Want to experience an exciting adventure in 2022 in Dubai? If so, there is nothing more adventurous and exhilarating than skydiving in Dubai. With exotic skydiving locations set among magnificent skyscrapers and serene natural landscapes, Dubai can offer your inner explorer plenty of opportunities to enjoy. However, among other things, Skydive Dubai stands out for its one-of-a-kind experience. Learn all about the stunning location, types, and prices of skydiving in Dubai in 2022. Launched in 2010 by Nasser Al Neyadi, Skydive Dubai is one of the best skydiving locations in the world. You will experience overwhelming emotions as you soar over Dubai’s breathtaking skyline! If this sounds interesting to you, this handy guide will help you find out more! In our article, you will get all the skydiving-related information you need, including but not limited to skydiving prices in Dubai in 2022, diving types, costs, and more. Let’s have a look at it!

An Overview of Skydiving in Dubai

Home to famous skyscrapers and tourist attractions like Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and more, you would be wrong to think that Dubai offers nothing but the most exciting experiences on the water and on land. In addition to its mesmerising architectural attractions and lavish lifestyle, Dubai is also known for its amazing skydiving experience. There is nothing more thrilling than being thrown from an aeroplane at 13,000 feet above sea level at a free fall of 120 miles per hour.

Skydive Dubai is the main attraction in the city among several skydiving operators. It is the only outdoor skydiving operator in the city with excellent and well-trained divers, coaches, and safety practices. With Skydiving in Dubai, you can choose between two amazing locations: the Arabian Desert or the impressive Palm Jumeirah. No matter which area you parachute into, you will enjoy mind-blowing views.

Skydive Dubai guides will guide you through the whole process, and show you the necessary steps you need to take before you step on the plane. If you’ve tried skydiving before, you can explore advanced options like tandem jump, static line jump, or free fall.

Types of Skydiving in Dubai

In Dubai, you can try three types of skydiving.

Tandem Jump

If this is your first time experiencing skydiving, Tandem Jump is the best option for you. Wondering why? Because you will not be deprived of the joy and exhilaration associated with a free fall, your guide or instructor will be there for you the whole time. In fact, he cannot help it. You will be attached to the trainer through a harness! Does that sound safe for a first-time skydiver? To make you feel more secure, know that the instructor will be there through the entire leap, starting from departure to free fall, canopy piloting, and landing.

Static Line Jump

It is your first experience, but feeling rather adventurous? You can try a solo leap. How? You can try Static Line Jump. It is a bit different from Tandem Jump as the skydiver will come across a fast freefall before the parachute opens. A static line will be attached to the aircraft to start the primary canopy, which deploys once the diver jumps off the plane. You need to get a full day of ground instruction and technical training before you try your first static line jump. This is essentially important for your safety.

Free Fall with Acceleration

AFF! Accelerated Freefall is a kind of skydiving in which two instructors will teach each diver the accelerated freefall method. Then, one of the instructors holds the diver until they deploy their parachute. The other one stays on the ground and gives instructions to the diver verbally through a radio.

Skydiving Dubai Price 2022

The Desert Zone Price List

  • Tandem Skydive–Jump Attached to a Professional Instructor
CategoryTicket Price
Tandem Skydive (including medical insurance and without photos and videos)AED 1,599
Tandem Skydive (involving medical insurance, photos and videos)AED 1,799
One-minute Instagram VideoAED 100
  • Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Course – Learn to Skydive on Your Own
CategoryTicket Price
Ground SchoolAED 1,000
Category AAED 1,500
Category BAED 1,500
Category C1AED 1,500
Category D1AED 1,300
Category D2AED 1,300
Category E1AED 1,300
Category E2AED 1,300
  • A Licence – Learn to Skydive with Others, After Excelling in AFF Course
CategoryPrice Per Jump
Coaching JumpAED 510
Low Altitude JumpAED 210
Solo JumpAED 230
Altimeter RentalAED 40
Packing CourseAED 350
Helmet RentalAED 40
  • Experienced Skydivers – Skydiving Dubai Price 2022
CategoryPrice List
Single Jump TicketAED 120
10-ticket PackageAED 1,150
25-ticket PackageAED 2,750
Coaching JumpAED 400
Hop and PopAED 100
Re-currency/ Check JumpAED 400
B Licence Canopy CourseAED 1,000

The Palm Zone Price List

  • Tandem Skydive – Jump Attached to a Professional Instructor
CategoryTicket Price
Tandem Skydive (including medical insurance and no photos or videos)AED 1,999
Tandem Skydive (including medical insurance, photos and videos)AED 2,299
One-minute Instagram VideoAED 100
Tandem Skydive Gift Certificate (includes medical insurance, video and photos)AED 2,299
  • Experienced Skydivers – Skydiving Dubai Price 2022
Full Altitude (13,000 ft)AED 140
Hop and Pop (5,000 ft)AED 110
Coached SkydiveAED 420
Outside VideoAED 420

NOTE: Not all skydiving Dubai prices for the ‘Experienced Skydivers’ category are listed in the table above. For detailed information, visit Skydive Dubai’s official website.

  • Skyhub Gyrocopter
20-minute Gyrocopter Introductory FlightAED 999

Last words

Thrilled to try Skydive Dubai? Book your tickets to Dubai now. With the help of the instructors and guides, you are sure to have an exciting yet safe experience that you will tell about to your children and grand grandchildren. We are not exaggerating! The thrill is unforgettable. Your heart will skip a beat when you are up there in the sky.

The UAE and its emirates don’t have a lack of adventurous activities. Each emirate has always had something to offer. To name a few, Abu Dhabi has got Clymb, Ferrari World, Yas Waterworld, and Warner Bros World. Dubai has got Deep-dive Dubai, IMG Worlds of Adventure, Dubai Parks and Resorts, etc., Ras Al Khaima has got the world’s longest zipline, Jebel Jais Sledder and Dubai has got the world’s longest urban zipline and the list goes on.

While you are here, try to make the most of it. Go skiing in the snow at Ski Dubai, camping in the desert, riding a hot air balloon, going scuba diving, hiking a mountain, and so on. The sky is the limit, pun intended.

Have you tried any of these sports before? Are you planning to try it soon? Tell us how you felt. We cannot wait to hear from you.