things to do in fujairah

When we think of UAE, we think of Dubai. However, if you are up for tourism, there are many other emirates worth visiting. Of them, the emirate of Fujairah is an excellent place with many tourist attractions. Despite being the smallest emirate in UAE, Fujairah has a lot of attractive spots and activities to offer its visitors. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 15 things to do in Fujairah.

Best 15 Things to do in Fujairah

Fujairah is unique as it has both rocky mountains and coastal lands. The places to visit and explore in Fujairah are many. But because it is a small emirate, you will find some places on this list along the borders. Here goes.

Snorkelling around Snoopy Island Fujairah

Snoopy Island is named after a famous comic character. This island is on top of this list as it is the most popular spot among tourists. It caters to both kinds of people: adrenaline junkies and picnic groups. As the water body is full of fish, snorkelling here is very fun. For a good stay, there is a Sandy Beach Hotel where you can stay, enjoy good food, and find out amazing snorkelling offers.

Scuba Diving at Shark Island

If you do not like just staying on the surface, Shark Island is the place for you where you can go for a deeper dive. Shark Island is an artistic piece of nature. The water is clear and blue, the rock formations are beautiful, and the aquatic species are in hundreds including moray eels, rays, sea turtles, etc. There are many dive centres at Shark Island that organize scuba diving. Make sure to get an arrangement with them to experience this adventurous activity.

Parasailing over Khorfakkan Beach

Khorfakkan Beach in Fujairah is a famous one in UAE and for good reasons. It is one of the very few beaches that offer parasails. If you like to feel the wind rushing against your cheeks, this is an ideal place.

And even if you are not interested in parasailing, Khorfakkan Beach offers many different activities. You can rent boats to take you to Coral Island, you can enjoy the greenery, you can picnic or visit the playgrounds, or you can just spectate a good beach volleyball match at the shore.

Swimming in the Natural Pools of Wadi Shees / Wadi Sish

Yes, you read this correctly! Wadi Shees has its own natural pools perfect for swimming. Although it takes sweat and effort to climb over rocks and find the pools, it is worth the tiring gig. Dive into the natural pools and you will feel bad for people who swim in chlorine-doused swimming pools.

Luxurious Camping at the Retreat Camp Fujairah

Retreat Camp Fujairah is a perfect place for people who like to do camping, but do not like to give up luxury. This place lets you experience camping filled with lavishness. Air-conditioned tents, private bathrooms, private abodes, you get everything for your fine night. Also, the place is surrounded by beautiful fountains and dense trees.

Beach Camping at Al Aqah Beach

Camping at Al Aqah Beach is more natural than camping at Retreat Camp Fujairah. It is a popular spot for the residents of the UAE and is usually filled with people during public holidays. You can enjoy camping, picnic, barbeque with friends or family, etc.

Sunbath at Umbrella Beach

Due to its unique location, there are many beaches in Fujairah. Of them, Umbrella Beach is the most open to the Sun. This place is further than the beaches of Snoopy island so it’s usually quiet as there are fewer people there. You can do fishing, and boating, or you can just lay down and enjoy the sunbath and get a tan.

Seashells at Dibba Beach

Fujairah has a lot of beaches. Some are famous for adventurous activities, some for their hotels, and some as good picnic spots. Dibba Beach is an ideal place to go for an outing with your family, especially if you got kids. There are plenty of play areas in shallow waters filled with seashells. Overall, Dibba Beach is one of the beautiful beaches of Fujairah.

Visit the Lava Beach Club Fujairah

Looking for a place to blow the steam off your brain after a hectic work week? Visit the Lava beach Club in Fujairah as it has everything to de-stress the mind. The beauty of Lava Beach Club is unparalleled. Its design is inspired by Ibiza which is modern and vivid. The club has a beautiful tangerine swimming pool – a perfect place for a pool party and mixing or meeting with new people.  If you visit Fujairah, do put this club on your visiting list.

Dining at Fujairah Corniche

Like Abu Dhabi Corniche and Sharjah Corniche, the Fujairah Corniche is an excellent place not just for dining, but for recreational activities as well. For dine-in options, it is the best place in Fujairah. If you go there, we suggest trying out the food at Yalla Burger or Shaaya Zafran as their menu is top-notch!

Play Laser Tag and Go-karting

Fujairah Mall offers a lot of fun indoor activities to do with the family. Most of them are kid-friendly, safe, and easy. Your kids can race with their friends on the tracks, play go-kart, and play video games as well.  The best attraction is perhaps the game of laser tag. You get to choose your equipment, and colours and step into the battlefield to compete with friends.

Al Badiyah Mosque

What makes Al Badiyah Mosque a tourist spot is its structure; it is made of sand and stone. This, and the fact that is the oldest mosque in Fujairah, makes it perfect to be on the list of top 15 things to do in Fujairah. It is said that the mosque was built in 1446 AD, but the exact origins of the mosque are not known. Visits at Al Badiyah Mosque are always open but remember to dress modestly when visiting.

Al Hayl Castle

This one is for history lovers. Al Hayl Castle is a historical monument built around 250 years ago. It is located at the base of the Hajar Mountain and it was built as a residence for someone of a ruling family. The castle was significant during that time as it played a major role in defending the surrounding area. Do visit this castle if you are into history, bring your cameras, and feel close to your ancestors.

Friday Bullfighting in Fujairah

This one is unusual, right? You will be surprised to know that bullfighting is considered a family-friendly activity in Fujairah. Every Friday, families, and tourists go to Kalba to witness the feats of animal strength. This is a thrilling activity to do with friends or family. You get to experience the adrenaline boost in your body, without actually doing anything adventurous. WIN-WIN!

Visit the glorious Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Mosque is the main mosque of the emirate of Fujairah. It has magnificent architecture and stunning design. The size of the mosque is enormous and can accommodate thousands of devotees. The interiors of the mosque are wonderful and stunning to look at. This is not a place to miss if you are out there for tourism.

That concludes our list of top 15 things to do in Fujairah. This list can be more lengthy as Fujairah is a unique place filled with fun activities. However, if you are in UAE to witness the lifestyle of Dubai, we have a guide for places to visit in Dubai as well.