Fun Things to do in Hatta
Fun Things to do in Hatta
Fun Things to do in Hatta

Dubai is a place of great hustle and bustle. Life in Dubai moves fast; you are constantly meeting your professional goals, trying to pace up your productivity and reach home exhausted most of the time. That is why weekends are a big thing in Dubai. In this article, we review the beautiful destination of Hatta and list the fun things to do in Hatta so you can plan your next family trip over the weekend.

Places to Visit and Things to do in Hatta

Hatta is a beautiful destination filled with rocky mountains and clear watery lakes. It is located 130 kilometres away from central Dubai. The place is perfect for a family trip after a busy week to blow some heat off and spend time with your loved ones. There are many places to visit and joyous things to do in Hatta with your family or friends. You can also plan an overnight stay if you do not like one-day trips.

But how to reach Hatta from Dubai?

The best route to take to reach Hatta from Dubai is by taking the Sharjah-Kalba Road (E102) via Emirates Road (E611). It is approximately 130 kilometres of travel and can take up to ninety minutes of drive to reach Hatta.

(Note: if you prefer to stay inside of Dubai, you can check out our article on fun things to do in Dubai.)

Visit Hatta Wadi Hub

The Wadi Hub is a place for adrenaline junkies. You can enjoy various fun activities that are guaranteed to give you thrills. There are many adventure sports you can participate in including axe-throwing, football zorbing, inflatable obstacle course, net walkway, zipline, etc.

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Hatta Dam is probably the most sought-after tourist attraction. It is an amazing sight as the water-filled dam surrounded by mountains creates a calming aura. There is also a lake with clear waters where you can go kayaking.

Kayaking and paddle boating are the best things to do at Hatta with your family. These are activities that you enjoy all together. However, be aware that the weekends attract a lot of tourists so you might have to stand in queue for a long to rent a kayak.

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Mountain Biking

Mountain bike trails in Hatta are surely a big thing for adventure-friendly souls. You can bike on these trails and explore the area of Hatta in the most unique way possible. Do not worry about your biking skills as they have got trails for all skill levels, from beginners to pros bikers.

These trails are open all year round. Although, beware that you cannot use them after 7 pm. This is definitely a fun activity to do with your friends, or alone if you like to taste adventure. The best part is, that these trails are free to ride. Just bring your off-road bike and enjoy the thrilling trails. And if you do not have a bike, you can get one in Hatta for rent.

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Experience Archery in Ja Hatta Fort Hotel

This thrilling activity is a must-try thing to do. Archery is considered a serene sport because it requires mental strength, calmness, composure, along with strong muscles, of course. In some areas, it is known as the Sport of the Kings.

You can try archery on the green and beautiful lawns of JA Hatta Fort Hotel. The site offers a scenic view of the astonishing Hajar Mountains. Even if you are a beginner, we guarantee you will enjoy it as the archery range includes a few for beginners too.

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Enjoy Camping

If you like camping, you will like Hatta. Anyone who likes camping likes it for the solitude it offers and the opportunity to feel close to nature. Starry sky, beautiful landscape, mountains at the back, and a pollution-free environment, are some of the elements you will enjoy if you decide to camp in Hatta.

Camping is one of the popular activities to do here. You can do it with your friends and family and it really gives you a chance to solidify the bond you have with your significant ones which tends to weaken due to hustle and bustle of daily life. Hatta has many camping grounds so you can pick the one best suited for you. Experiencing camping in Hatta is a humane experience and builds memories you will remember throughout your life.

Visit the Fort

This location is for history lovers. Hatta Fort is a preserved architectural monument where you can climb an eleven-meter-high watchtower overlooking Hatta. This fort was used as a defensive structure back when it was built.

If you want to get a taste of rich Emirati history, you should definitely go check this place out. When visiting Hatta Fort, you can also explore the oldest building there – the Juma Mosque.

Explore the Rich Culture at Hatta Heritage Village

We have listed this in the last but that does not make it any less important. The Heritage Village is an excellent place to get a glimpse of the old villages of Dubai. It is rich in culture and history. There are many souvenirs, heritage items, weapons, and instruments for you to see.

This village is one of the oldest in Dubai and was restored in 2001. Currently, it hosts multiple cultural events of the emirate.

That concludes our guide on things to do in Hatta. If you want a green experience while remaining inside of Dubai, we have a guide for creek park as well. By the way, Hatta is constantly adding new tourist projects so we deduct it is going to become a major tourist destination in the future.