With Eid Al Adha just around the corner, the UAE is looking forward to the celebrations and family or friends’ get-togethers. This means an occasion of both spiritual and worldly value is coming up – giving you plenty of time to relax and cool your head by spending time with your loved ones. With power comes great responsibility, with this family occasion must come great things to do on Eid.

People may spend all of their days outside of their homes, or in other cities, but Eid is the occasion when they come together with their families. Waking up early, getting ready for Eid prayers and sacrificing animals, having lunch and dinners with family, is what Eid brings. A great occasion to make memories and freshen up, right?

Here are a few things to do on Eid to make it memorable.

  • Have BBQ 

Muslims sacrifice an animal on Eid Al Adha and distribute the meat. Friends, family, relatives, neighbours, poor and needy, everyone gets a share.

Bbq with family to do in Eid

This makes Eid Al Adha the best time to invite your friends and have a BBQ night with them. A little gathering goes a long way, innit? Prepare your recipes and get ready to marinate the meat because the BBQ you host should be top-notch!

  • Watch the Fireworks 

If you are in Dubai or planning to go to Dubai for Eid, expect an astonishing display of fireworks on Eid. Many districts in Dubai, like Al Seef, La Mer, and Dubai Festival City, arrange dazzling fireworks, and a great audience rushes to the designated locations and gets awestruck by the spectacle.

The best thing about fireworks is it is one of the many things you can do for FREE in Dubai. You can enjoy the sensational sight with your family, celebrate it with your friends, or admire the view with your lover.

  • Family Trip

Eid Al Adha is a great opportunity to spend time with your family, create new memories, enjoy reminiscing the old ones and make plans for the future. Among the things to do on Eid, going on a family trip is certainly a very important one.

Family trips help you to show that an occasion is bigger than an individual. Let’s make this Eid fun not only for you but for the whole family.

Enjoy the Waterslides at Aquaventure Dubai

If you are in for a family trip, do give Aquavevnture Park in Dubai a chance to refreshen you up. Do not underestimate the glory of the water park; it is one of the best places to visit on Eid.

About two months ago, several waterslides were introduced during the extension of Aquaventure Park in Dubai. What more your family can ask for if not the adventures and picnic at the Aquaventure?

  • Watch Movies

Bollywood, Mollywood and major film industries release their new movies, especially on Eid. If you are into movies, check out the list of the upcoming releases and let your friends or family know that this Eid is going to be an entertainer.

Audience wearing face masks enjoying time in cinema

However, keep in mind the Covid 19 pandemic and do not forget to take necessary precautions. The cinemas in every Emirate are taking all necessary steps to ensure safety from the virus. But thanks to vaccinations, you will be able to enjoy a good movie in a cinema after about a year.

That brings an end to the article. Last, but not least, do remember the spiritual element of Eid Al Adha. Make sure to remember the poor and needy in your activities and contribute your share to make this event enjoyable for them too.