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How to get a Golden Visa in the UAE?

Let us go golden. We are not speaking about buying lovely golden jewellery. We are talking about something that has a higher value. What we are discussing is getting an extended residency in the UAE and other essential benefits. If you have guessed what you are talking about, you might be interested in knowing more about the Golden Visa. Among the different types of visas in the UAE, the golden visa is the most coveted one. So let us explore this topic in further detail and find out what a “Golden Visa” is, who can get one, and what the rewards are.

First, let us check if you qualify for a golden visa!

To qualify for the golden visa, you need to be one of the following people:

Real estate investors.

Suppose you have bought a home, on-plan or off-plan, for 2 million dirhams at least. In that case, you are an investor in real estate, and you can go ahead and apply for a golden visa.

An entrepreneur in the UAE.

Do you have a start-up company making about 1 million dirhams per year? Are you a partner for such a start-up? Have you found an entrepreneurial project that sold for over 7 million dirhams? Have you gotten approval from an official business incubator?

Suppose your answer still needs to be given to any of the abovementioned questions. In that case, you are qualified to apply for a golden visa.

Exceptionally talented individuals.

Suppose you have exceptional talent in any field, such as sports, culture, technology, or medicine. In that case, you can apply for this visa regardless of your educational level.


Top intellectuals must have a PhD or a Master’s Degree in engineering, technology, biological sciences, or natural sciences from one of the world’s leading universities and significant research accomplishments to be eligible for the golden visa. It would be best if you made an impact as a scientist and applied for the golden visa.

Working professionals in different fields.

This category refers to people who work in medicine, engineering, education, science, technology, and business. People in this category must have an employment contract for the first and second levels. They need to be bachelor’s degree holders and have a salary of 30,000 dirhams per month.

Outstanding graduates and pupils.

Outstanding and high performers from the UAE’s secondary education system are welcome to apply for this visa, as are exceptional university grades from the UAE. In addition, high achievers who graduate from the top 100 universities worldwide are eligible to apply for this.

People who work in the humitaranian or charitable sector.

A thank you for their efforts to improve our planet for ourselves and the others with whom we share it. People who work in the humanitarian field can apply for a golden visa. They need to be members of societies for the public good or members of regional or international charity organisations.

People who work on the front lines.

Those who work hard to save our lives, such as doctors, nurses, and others helping in extraordinary conditions, can apply for a golden visa.

Now let us explain what a Golden Visa is

If you have found that you fit into any of the lists provided, you should be wondering now what a golden visa is. Let us explain this to you.

A golden visa is a residency visa in the UAE for ten years. You do not need to renew the golden visa every two years because it is unrelated to a particular employer. It is your own. In other words, you do not need a sponsor. However, these are not the only benefits you get with a golden visa:

What are the benefits of the Golden Visa?

You can sponsor your dependents.

People who hold a golden visa can sponsor their children and spouses. If the visa holder dies, his family is permitted to remain in the UAE until the golden visa expires. Moreover, gold visa holders can sponsor an unlimited number of domestic helpers.

Allows extended stay time outside the UAE.

We have mentioned that people with a golden visa can stay in the UAE for ten years. With the regular residency visa, you can only stay out of the country for six months. With the golden visa, the case is different. You can spend extended periods outside the UAE, and your visa stays valid.

Health Care Package for you and your dependents.

People with golden visas are entitled to complete health care and insurance plans. These high-end health insurance packages will cost less than Dhs2,400. The insurance policies offer Core Silver, Enhanced Gold, and Premier as the three coverage levels. In addition, the insurance policies will pay up to 20,000 Dhs in claims.

These health insurance policies are available to any UAE golden visa holders and their dependents who do not currently have a health insurance plan, and they are subject to annual renewal.

Dubai police Esaad privilege card.

Dubai Police created the Esaad Card in 2017 to give cardholders discounts at stores, schools, hospitals, housing, dining establishments, theme parks, hotels, and more. Some major 7,237 brands and companies in the UAE and 92 other countries offer special discounts. Holders of this can get exclusive benefits, such as up to 40% off tuition at the American School of Creative Science, 50% off stays at Kempinski Palm Jumeirah, 70% off At The Top in the Burj Khalifa, and discounts on Fly Dubai flights, and more.

Now, tell us in the comment below: Are you eligible for a golden visa? Are you planning to apply soon, or have you already applied? We cannot wait to hear from you.