watch live fifa world cup matches in dubai

How To Enjoy The World’s Biggest Sporting Event In The UAE

Nothing makes football more fun than watching it with the crowd. Especially the FIFA World Cup. There is something magical about having a gathering when cheering for your team. Do you feel it already? Yup that is what we are getting at. You feel like you are the one in the stadium scoring a goal or losing one! With our article, you are definitely not going to lose. We plan to help you win magical football nights with friends in Dubai. Read along and discover where you can watch the matches. 

Hilton Dubai Jumeirah

How can a football gathering become any better? By watching it on the beach. Hilton Dubai Jumeirah offers you the chance to watch the matches on JBR Beach. You can enjoy the warmth of the sand while cheering for your team. The FIFA Fan Zone seats over 1000 people who can watch the matches on a massive screen! Grab your favourite beverage and relax on the ultra-comfortable sunbeds before your favourite team competes in the World Cup 2022 in Qatar!

Live Football Match 2022 on Big Screens at Dubai 53

A unique experience is waiting for you at Dubai 53. You can jump for joy when your team scores a goal and watch dancers perform. Take advantage of the chance to watch a game there. It is definitely going to take the gathering to the next level.

Pele Pool Bar

Dive into the football action and enjoy every minute on the massive outdoor screen at Pele Pool Bar! It’s your pitch for the tournament, with a giant outdoor screen, plenty of roof deck seating, and unlimited food and drinks. Swim and drink as your children play the most recent FIFA game in the supervised PlayStation section!

BAI Bar and Terrace

If you’re in the Business Bay, watch all of the FIFA World Cup 2022 action live at BAI Bar & Terrace! Make your bets on the FIFA World Cup 2022 at BAI Bar & Terrace, and push yourself to win great bargains. With their 144-inch LED screen outdoors and 75-inch LED screen indoors, watching the matches cannot be any more fun. Enjoy daily food and drink specials, hops buckets, matchday happy hour, and delicious meals.

Barasti Beach Bar

Now, we have another beach location where you can watch the match. Barasti Beach Bar holds some surprises for you. Barasti Beach Bar collaborated with the official FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 beverage sponsor to make your game night more memorable. Every FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 match will be broadcasted at their own Barasti Beach Stadium. All that remains is for you to sit back and relax on the sand while watching the massive 12×7-meter wide screen at Barasti Beach Stadium.

BLU Dubai

Delicious foods, drinks, and beverages! BLU Dubai has everything you need to have a good time with football. Take your friends there and enjoy live streaming for the FIFA World Cup.

The Emirates Golf Club Park’s Football Central

watching fifa world cup at emirates golf club park

The Emirates Golf Club Fan Park’s Football Central offers the ideal World Cup viewing experience. However, this experience is to be noticed, with giant screens, many food and beverage options, limitless entertainment, and a guaranteed electrifying environment.

FireLake Grill House & Cocktail Bar

Cheer on your favourite team at FireLake Grill House & Cocktail Bar during the FIFA World Cup 2022! You can watch all football matches on a 144-inch LED screen located on a breathtaking terrace. What is more exciting is that the place offers you the chance to win several prizes.

Palm Jumeirah’s Dukes The Palm

This award-winning British restaurant organises an enormous FIFA Fan Zone on its stunning terrace for football fans to see all the action! Don’t miss The Great British Restaurant’s Special Fan’s Menu and daily live screening of FIFA matches!

Joe’s Backyard

Joe’s Backyard, the neighbourhood barbeque hangout on the 19th floor of the Holiday Inn Dubai Festival City, is getting ready for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Football fans in Dubai can watch all 63 matches on TV screens put up inside and outside on the terrace or pull up a stool by the bar and pretend to be on the sidelines. During the games, happy hour prices will be available. Joe’s Backyard serves a variety of comfort foods, such as burgers, sandwiches, and munchies, as well as its famed flame-grilled specialities. A new item named “From the Fire” has been added to the menu. It serves customers power-packed meals directly from the grill to keep hungry supporters rooting for their team.

Lola Taberna Española

Lola Taberna Española Dubai’s top Spanish restaurant is the World Cup’s official Spanish Fan Zone! Don’t miss out on the action, as they will be live streaming all 64 games of the tournament on our projector screens!

Orange Feels Bar & Shisha Lounge

Whether you are a football lover or want to join in on the fun, Orange Feels Bar & Shisha Lounge promises to be the place to be in support of the FIFA World Cup 2022. Groups can feel the action up close at the several Fan Zones positioned within the site while celebrating ‘Game On’ throughout the football championships from November 20th to December 18th. Watch the magnificent performance of the game with your friends and family on three enormous outdoor screens alongside the lovely pool deck, overlooking Dubai’s Downtown view of the city. Guests will be able to cheer on their national or favourite teams while enjoying unique menu items such as cool beverages and snacks.

Have you tried any of these places? Where have you watched the matches? Tell us about your experience in the comment section down below.