yas waterworld

It’s far too toasty to go to the beach! What should you do if you still have a strong desire to spend hours in the sun? You already know the right answer, and it’s “Yas Waterworld.” We’re not joking. You can enjoy the sun while also getting away from the humidity and heat. Let us explain further.

This hybrid park is regarded as one of the best in the UAE. Water covers 11 hectares, which is why it’s called Waterworld. There are 43 rides and attractions spread across this total land area, set among caves, mountains, rivers, and beaches! Moreover, you have easy access to Ferrari World and Warner Bros. since all of these parks are part of Yas Island. Now, are you ready to take a virtual trip to this park that can accommodate up to 7,000 visitors? Let us begin our journey at one of Abu Dhabi’s popular tourist attractions.

Yas Waterworld Rides

Yas Waterpark features more than 40 unique rides distributed across 6 distinct zones, each with its own unique allure. Adrenaline Rush, Exciting Adventure, Moving and Grooving, and Young Fun make up the park’s four “thrill levels.”

The Highest Water Slide is Jabel Drop

water slide ride at yas waterworld

The Jabel Drop is the most exhilarating ride in Yas Waterworld. It boasts a vertical freefall drop waterslide where, as you slide down, you can enjoy a fantastic view of the entire park. You might have to wait a bit longer to try this one. There is always a huge line as this is one of Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi’s more popular rides.


Undoubtedly, Dawwama will be the park’s major high point. Six riders are propelled upward by hydromagnetic power on the 20-meter-high funnel ride. Cameras placed within the ride are designed to record the riders’ facial emotions of utter terror. At a staggeringly enormous 238 meters long, it also holds the world record for the longest run-in.

Falcon’s Falaj: Longest Water Coaster in the Middle East

falcon's falaj at yas waterworld

This attraction resembles a water-based roller coaster, hence the name. Falcon’s Falaj is the Middle East’s longest colossal water coaster ride at 300 metres, and its main objective is to make people scream! Given that it has so many curves, drops, rapids, and twists, it is probably safe to assume that it will succeed in achieving that particular objective.

Bubble’s Barrel

bubbles barrel ride

The Bubbles’ Barrel, is the largest surfable sheet wave in the world, with a 3-meter-high wave and 1,250 pumps that are pushing 7,000 litres per second. For people who are new to surfing and flow boarding, the smaller Rush Rider is there to try. Be prepared to get dropped into the water from time to time! Clayton Barker, a world-class flow border will be there to provide demonstrations and instructions.

Bandit Bomber

bandit bomber

The Bandit Bomber is yet another world-record-breaking feature at this waterpark in Abu Dhabi. The Bandit Bomber, a 550-meter-long water coaster, is the only suspended rollercoaster and the only water coaster in all of the Middle East. You won’t only be hanging upside down; you’ll also be able to discharge your water jet at moving targets, which will provide unique effects and drop water bombs. With a capacity of 700 guests per hour, spectators can also take part in the excitement by interacting from below at the unique zones, such as the Jabha Zone, one of the interactive drop zones on the Bandit Bomber, where guests can spray water on coaster riders as they whiz by.


You may find plenty of cafes, snack stores, and restaurants to meet your needs.

  • Salma’s Snack Shop is a great place to grab a fast snack. It is next to Tot’s Playground and Yehal Infants Pool and offers a variety of salads, sandwiches, fresh fruit, and smoothies.
  • Take a rest at Dana’s Diner, which is located in the Souk close to the Bubble Barrel Flow Rider. They serve BBQ wings, burgers, salads, and sandwiches.
  • Enjoy a variety of foods at Chubby’s Kitchen, which is located adjacent to the Bandit Bomber. Dishes include Arabic, Indian, and Western treats.
  • The best way to beat the summer heat is with some cold lemonade, shaved ice, or ice cream, at Skinny’s Frozen Treats.


There are plenty of alternative activities to keep yourself occupied in between getting wet in addition to all the rides. Starting with the themed goods of Sultan and Sons and ending with Arabic spices and trinkets at Ibhar Island

Pearl Diving Experience

pearl diving

Visitors at Yas Waterworld can anticipate diving for their own oysters thanks to this unique experience. A safety briefing is included in the hour-long course, which is led by qualified diving instructors. Above all, you’ll get to take your find home with you as a souvenir.

Tickets and Timings

The park is open every day from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. On Fridays, it opens until 10:00 pm.

One-day General Entry Yas Waterworld tickets:

  • Kids pay AED 210;
  • Adults pay AED 250.
  • Children under 3 are admitted free.
  • For friends and family: 4 tickets for AED 750, including free admission to Cinesplash and an additional 25% off on subsequent tickets.
  • VIP tickets cost AED 1450 per person and include premium park seats and access to all rides.
  • A 2/3 day package is offered with discounts.
  • Annual passes are available for both individuals and families.

Directions to Yas Waterworld

Using a car is the best way to travel to Yas Waterworld. The hotel may set up shuttle services if you select one of the Yas Waterworld hotel packages. The park is conveniently located an hour and a half drive from Downtown Dubai if you’re travelling from Dubai. While talking about Dubai, there are 2 great theme parks, IMG Worlds of Adventure and Dubai Parks and Resorts, that you can try once you are done with Yas Waterworld.

Bonus: While you are at Yas Island you can also try out the world’s tallest climbing wall at Clymb, Abu Dhabi located at Yas Island.

Well, here comes the end of our journey around this park! We hope you enjoyed it and did not mind getting so wet. Would you like to try these rides in person? When are you planning to go? Who are you planning to go there with? Share your answers in the comments down below. Do not forget to tell us about your experience if you have ever been to Yas Waterworld! We cannot wait to hear from you!