haunted places in uae

The Most Spookiest Places In The UAE

UAE is one of the most attractive places to visit. That is for sure! After all, it is the land of the wows! Wherever you go, you will find stunning structures and amazing buildings and landmarks. Yet, there is a side to this country that is shrouded in intrigue and mystery. Some of the properties in the area will frighten you from head to toe. These places are claimed to have been haunted for years. If you are ready to take an adventure around these creepy places, buckle up and keep on reading!

5 Creepiest Properties in the UAE

Al Qasimi Palace

al qasimi palace

Though a royal place in the past, this palace has witnessed some paranormal activities that it was abandoned years ago. The palace is a delight to the eyes with its magnificent architecture that was constructed in 1985 by the late His Highness Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Humaid Al Qasimi, a member of the Sharjah ruling family Al Qasimi. However, there were rumours that the locals fled because of some “mysterious” events in the place. Later, the splendour of Ras Al Khaimah’s Al Qasimi Palace and the intrigue surrounding the building made it a must-see destination for adventurers in the emirate.

Al Jazirat Al Hamra

al jazirat al hamra

Our second on the list is not a single building but a whole town! Al Jazirat Al Hamra is referred to as a ghost town by many locals. This can tell you a lot about the place. It is said to have been inhabited by three tribes in the past. Gradually abandoned by inhabitants due to the harsh living conditions, rumours and stories began to form about it. Some reported hearing strange noises. Others were frightened by the eerie silence that engulf the town. Locals will tell you various stories about the town, but all will advise you not to pay a visit, especially at dawn. Nevertheless, the town receives from adventurers and people seeking some spooky tours.

Pan Emirates & The Tunnel

pan emirates & the tunnel

It should not be surprising that this tunnel is referred to as the dark tunnel! Because of the atmosphere it exudes inside the passageway, many people find it eerie and spooky and believe that it is haunted. In fact, some people have even reported having the impression that someone was standing directly beside them even though no one else was present! To top that, the nearby structure on the same road is situated directly in front of an abandoned graveyard, which only heightens the atmosphere.

Al Khail Gate

al khail gate haunted apartment

Ready to hear about a horror story like those you see in movies? Better yet, ready to experience such horror? Head to Al Khail Gate. This famous, most known as the scary apartment, has worthily made it to a third on our list of the creepiest places in the UAE. The strange noises are not the only elements that make this apartment spooky and scary. In addition to the fact that the building has witnessed three suicides, people who tries living there reported that their stuff disappeared strangely to be found later in different locations.

The House of the Devil

Have you ever imagined that you would find a house called So in Jumeirah? Most probably not, but it is true. Though there is no reliable resource that tells us more about the house, the commonly heard story goes as follows: Back in 2011, a Filipino family settled in a house that was made up of seven bedrooms. Later on, they claimed that they could not stand it anymore. They reported witnessing paranormal activities and seeing ghosts several times while residing in the building. They soon fled away leaving the home for more rumours. Locals now say that if you visit the house, you will be possessed by negative energy!

This was definitely not a good tour for the faint-hearted, but probably a good one for those adventurous souls. If you are coming to the UAE and would like to witness some spooky wonders, you should pay a visit to one of the properties provided on our list. Have you ever heard about any of these places? Are there other rumours you have heard about any of these places? Do not hesitate to share such rumours in the comment section below. You can also share any other places that you would like to add to the list. As is always the case, we cannot hear from you all.