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What are the roles of a real estate agent in Dubai, UAE?

How great is it to help a person find his dream house? That is what some people do for a living. You are talking about real estate agents. Professional home and apartment hunters assist people in finding a house that not only meets their expectations but also helps them save money. Through the process, they make a good deal of money, especially working in Dubai or other parts of the UAE; gaining a good income and matching people with suitable properties for rent or purchase are not the only advantages of becoming a real estate agent in Dubai. Read on to discover more.

The benefits of becoming a real estate agent.

1. Gaining knowledge about the real estate industry.

You learn a lot about different properties.

While looking for your client’s ideal house, you will have no option but to view an extensive range of properties. You learn how each kind is improving and progressing from villas to apartments and big houses. In a country like UAE, you can learn about a new property almost daily as the cities are expanding fast. That means that you can easily keep up with the market trends and help your growing number of clients to find precisely what they are looking for.

You learn about the market of real estate.

Learning about the real estate market could seem like stating the obvious but let us dive deeper into this perk. You will learn more about the top real estate developers in the UAE and their properties. Because researching the housing market is a large part of the work, you will learn about getting a better property that brings the highest return on investments (ROI) for you in the future and for your clients as well. As mentioned before, you can identify trends in various local markets. You’ll spend less time looking for properties now that you know how the local real estate market works.

You will learn that 9 to 5 might not be the perfect option.

Most people prefer to play it safe. They will look for a 9 to 5 job to pay the people each month. This type of job is suitable but might be less rewarding than starting something yourself. Being a real estate agent will probably not get you a steady income but a larger one. Once you learn how the market moves and understand the trends, you will be able to find more clients and hence, make more sales! It is an excellent experience for adventurous souls.

2. Improving a lot of your personal skills.

You will have to improve your communication skills.

In this field of work, communication is vital. Communication is key to all professions. They are right, but the case of a real estate agent is peculiar. In real estate, communication is almost always the only way to turn your knowledge into something useful that can help you get the money you want. On the one hand, you must communicate well with your clients to understand their needs and get them what they want.

On the other hand, you need your communication skills to explain all the factors to consider while buying a property and negotiate the prices with the sellers and make benefits for yourself and your clients. When you do that well, you also increase your clientele base with the help of word-of-mouth marketing techniques. Each client will recommend you to a new one.

You will find time even to improve your other hobbies.

You could be surprised! How will it help me enhance my other interests? It all comes down to time. When you work as a real estate agent, you can set your own hours. When you have the necessary experience, you will not need to work fixed or longer hours. You must invest a significant amount of time researching the market, recognizing trends, and meeting the wants of your clients, but that is all! All you can do now is persuade the client to buy the residence that best meets their needs. You can plan your timetable in any way you want. If you have a crucial client meeting at the same time as this class, you may skip any drawing, dance, or swimming lessons.

When you become a real estate agent, you do not need to go to the office to do your search on the market or the properties. You can do it at home. Though you will be working while sitting with your children and wife, you can still spend more time with them. At least you do not need to spend hours stuck in traffic while driving to the office.

What is the potential for growth in this profession?

Although real estate is known for being an extremely demanding market, there is no doubt that the benefits can be huge if you are willing to make the necessary personal sacrifices.

However, for many, it is a high-pressure environment in which employees frequently dance a fine line between success and failure, with one big sale having the power to make or break their year. However, for those working on the rental side of the business, the competition for commission may be fierce, especially without the motivation of a multi-million dirham property sale to aim for.

Challenges the real estate agents face in Dubai.

Becoming a real estate agent seems rewarding professionally, personally and financially. However, you need to understand that real estate agents in Dubai face some challenges. Here are some of the challenges that you need to put into consideration if you ever decide to become a real estate agent in this city:

How much can you earn per month?

Although real estate agents can earn up to an average of Dh400,000 per year ($108,000), or Dh33,000 per month including commission, the competition is very hard in this market.

In a city like Dubai, there are around 1000 agents and hundreds of agencies. Therefore, you can find many agents who only make a single sale for the month.

Competing with top agents earning up to 5 million AED ($1.36 million) per year can be extremely difficult. They have gained most of the clients because of their extensive experience in the market.

Final Words

Now that you can learn about the perks and challenges of becoming a real estate agent in Dubai, will you consider this profession? Is it worth the effort and the hard work? Is there any advice that you would like to share with people aspiring to be real estate agents? You can share all your answers in the comment section down below.