best gated communities for families in dubai

Best Gated Communities for Families in Dubai

Dubai is a city known for its extravagant lifestyle. That is the first word that comes to people’s minds when mentioning Dubai! After all, it is there where you can find all the great brands, the tallest buildings, and the most luxurious malls. An exciting aspect of this city is that it is one of the safest in the world. It could be the main reason why many families from around the globe choose to relocate here with their children. So when searching for a place to settle down, many prefer gated communities. Apart from this, there are other benefits to moving into a gated community. So in this blog post, we will introduce the gated communities best suited for families.

Arabian Ranches

arabian ranches

If you would like a quiet life away from the noise and traffic of the city, you can head to the Arabian Ranches. Emmar has beautifully planned this community to attract families with its grand villas and townhouses. Additionally, it provides many perks for children. The community prides itself on having the best sports facilities and playgrounds. It has a basketball court, a swimming pool, and green spaces. To make life easier for parents, you can also find stores, supermarkets, and community and medical centres. To top it all, Arabian Ranches is home to a golf club, a go-to destination for professionals and amateurs alike.

Dubai Hills Estate.

dubai hills estate

This opulent gated community is optimal for families looking for a high-end lifestyle. It offers a wide range of modernly designed flats, townhouses, and villas, as well as a lot of conveniences. Lush green spaces, parks, and gardens surround the area where you can relax and unwind while your children play. Moreover, you can find swimming pools, sports fields, good schools, shopping areas, and healthcare centres.

Al Barari

al barari gated community

Suppose you are looking for an environmentally friendly location that is also an excellent choice for your family. In that case, your search stops at Al Barari. On the one hand, it is the first exceptional development as it provides a luxurious lifestyle that prioritizes environmental sustainability and has 260 villas, each designed in distinctive styles, with an energy-efficient system. On the other hand, it is famous for having the most extensive plant nursery and some of the best schools!

Emirate Hills

emirates hills gated community

As a renowned gated neighbourhood in Dubai, Emirates Hills is very sought-after because it provides houses surrounded by breathtaking scenery. No wonder it has some of the most expensive homes, especially since it offers great perks for families aiming to settle in Dubai. Its lush green vegetation, lovely parks, and lakes promise residents a high-quality lifestyle. Sports fans can find a variety of attractions, such as tennis courts, golf courses, fitness centres, and swimming pools. All these help your children stay occupied, fit, healthy, and entertained.

Parents have nothing to worry about with its around-the-clock security. It is also adjacent to some of Dubai’s top hospitals, retail malls, and schools, making it an excellent option for families seeking a luxurious and convenient home.

Victory Heights

victory heights

Victory Heights is an excellent option for families on a tighter budget. The place has excellent choices for people with children. As it is a gated community, people who choose to live there can enjoy a serene setting with exclusive views of a golf course. This community in Sports City is attractive for children because it has family-friendly dining options, children’s play areas, luscious green walkways, and a community centre open to all residents. You do not need to venture far to get the essentials for your family. It is also close to good schools, nurseries, and health care centres.

In conclusion, Dubai is a city that provides families worldwide with elegance, safety, and convenience, especially with its gated communities. We have mentioned some of the best neighbourhoods that uniquely benefit families. From the peaceful and kid-friendly Arabian Ranches to the affluent Dubai Hills Estate, the luxurious Emirate Hills, the ecologically friendly Al Barari, and the easy-on-the-budget Victory Heights, you will find a place where your children can grow happily, safely, and healthily. Have you considered any of the options we have mentioned? Tell us about your experience living there. Are there any other communities you would like to add to the list? Tell us about those as well! Share your answers and stories in the comment section below. But, as always, we cannot wait to hear from you all!