al qudra lake in dubai

Whether it’s a long weekend or a regular escape from the city, Al Qudra Lake has become a popular recreational destination for Dubai residents. This desert paradise provides a handy break from the city, as well as a selection of entertaining activities to guarantee you have time to relax and enjoy yourself. If you enjoy the great outdoors, Al Qudra Lake is a must-see destination. In case you are wondering how to get there, what to pack, and what to do, we have got you covered. Read along to discover what your visit to this magnificent lake would look like.

What Is Special About This Stunning Lake?

Al Qudra Lake is a man-made desert oasis in Dubai’s vast Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve, designed to encourage eco-tourism. It has several man-made lakes surrounded by sand dunes and animals. The attraction became famous in 2015 because of its real desert vibe and solitude. Originally only a camping area, this section of the Al Qudra Desert has grown to include a variety of activities that allow tourists to discover nature and all that it has to offer. Al Qudra Lake is extremely popular with campers and is one of the top BBQ locations in Dubai. We wouldn’t be surprised if you want to pack your grill and travel out to this man-made desert oasis this weekend. This place has a lot to offer for BBQ fans!

What To Do And See At The Lake?

Get a tent and spend the night camping.

overnight camping at al qudra lake

First and foremost, Al Qudra Lake is one of the top desert camping destinations in the UAE. The artificial lakes, flanked by sand dunes, provide a lovely environment for barbecuing, stargazing, and overnight camping. On weekends, the area is frequently crowded, but you can always find a tranquil space to pitch your tent in the Al Qudra Lakes East camping area or near Love Lake. Camping at Al Qudra is a free outdoor recreation in Dubai. However, you must ensure that you are prepared for it. Bring your camping gear, such as tents, sleeping bags, and torches. All of the necessary equipment can be found at one of Dubai’s camping equipment stores.

It is critical that you always follow the rules and clean up after yourself.

Visit the stunning Al Qudra Love Lake

A must-do activity on your list of things to do in Al Qudra should be to visit Love Lake and explore its beauty as well as its amazing layout. This location features two lakes shaped in the shape of two linked hearts, as well as fauna that spells out the word “Love.” This collection of Al Qudra Lakes is so enormous that it can be seen from Google Earth! It was even named one of Dubai’s greatest romantic spots! The Love Lake in Al Qudra is decorated with heart patterns and signage indicating the best selfie spots – great if you’re looking for an Insta-worthy image.

al qudra love lake in dubai

There is also a running track that circles Al Qudra Love Lake. This heart-shaped lake in Dubai has shaded spots, fire pits, and restrooms. If that isn’t enough, visiting this location is absolutely free, making it one of the greatest places for an amazing date night.

Dubai’s Love Lake Location: About 10 minutes from Al Qudra Lake, and may be found on maps by searching “Love Lake Dubai.” Dubai’s Love Lake is open 24 hours a day.

Enjoy the wildlife at the lakes

Al Qudra Desert is home to around 170 native bird and animal species. Despite being a man-made attraction, the Al Qudra lakes provide a natural habitat for wildlife. If you enjoy bird watching, Al Qudra is an excellent location to see black swans, ducks, flamingos, and, if you’re lucky, the endangered Steppe Eagle or Asian Houbara. Although the animals are more elusive, they do make an appearance on occasion. Gazelles, foxes, and rabbits can occasionally be seen roaming the Al Qudra area. Just keep in mind that feeding the animals is illegal and can result in a fine, so avoid doing so.

Have some great cycling time at Al Qudra

Cycling is one of the most popular hobbies in Al Qudra, thanks to the 86km path that runs through the area. Al Qudra Cycling Track is one of the top cycling trails in Dubai and is the ideal spot to go if you want to get in shape in the great outdoors. Over here, you’ll see a mix of amateur and professional cyclists riding across the desert sand dunes.

cycling track at al qudra lake

There are two starting sites for your ride:

  • The Al Qudra cycling car park near the villas in Mira Oasis.
  • The Teck Bicycle Store in Seih Al Salam.

Car parking is available at each of these locations. Teck Bicycle Store is the place to go for Al Qudra Lake bike rentals and cycle workshops. They offer a selection of rental bikes and riding equipment, as well as restrooms and showers. The cost of renting a bicycle is determined by the length of time and the model. To hire a bicycle from the store, all you need is an Emirates ID or passport.

  • Timings: The track is open 24 hours a day and is free to all Teck Bicycle users.
  • Al Qudra Teck Bicycle Store 05:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Have some food to refuel

A long day of exploring all of the new attractions at Al Qudra will undoubtedly whet your appetite. So, if you’re looking for a quick bite to eat, stop by Last Exit in Al Qudra. This venue, located at the entrance of Al Qudra and recognized as one of the greatest places in Dubai to find food trucks, features a variety of dining alternatives to satisfy all of your food desires. You can visit The Brass and The Burger Pit. There are also restrooms available, so if you need to freshen up, you can do so.

  • Location: At the end of Al Qudra Road, on the outskirts of the Saih Al Salam Desert.
  • Open daily from 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m.

Some Advice To Follow When Visiting Al Qudra Lake:

  • Because Al Qudra is a desert site, it is recommended that you bring a 4-wheel drive vehicle if you intend to venture far into the area. Sedan cars can easily pass through if your visit is limited to the entrance and the bicycle area.
  • Because facilities at Al Qudra Lake are limited, it is advisable to come prepared.
  • The weather of Al Qudra Lake is similar to that of Dubai. The nights, on the other hand, are slightly cooler. The best time to visit Al Qudra Lake is between October and March.
  • Avoid leaving litter. There are many animal species in Al Qudra, and improper trash disposal might harm them. So bring rubbish bags with you to dispose of any waste.

Have you visited this splendid location before? If you have, tell us about it in the comment section down below! If you have not, make sure to pay a visit this winter!