Ajman is without a doubt one of the most beautiful emirates in the UAE. It’s a nice spot for vacation as it got everything to blow the steam off. Surely, it has all the modern amenities and entertainment facilities, but the best things to do in Ajman include visiting its vast sandy beaches, historic architecture, and cultural sites.

And it’s not limited to the vacation; if you are coming to Ajman to settle and live here, you are about to experience a wonderful lifestyle. This article will help you enhance that exhilarating experience by suggesting some best things to do in Ajman.

Best Things To Do In Ajman

Stroll Along Al Zorah Marina 1

One of the best things about Ajman is its stunning sea view. A simple barefoot walk on a beach can take all the worries away from a tense mind and you can do that in the best way at Al Zorah Marina. It has got a wonderful sea view, a magical sky, and bright grainy sand – the perfect ingredients to ensure peace of mind.

Marina 1 - Ajman

Moreover, Al Zorah Marina is a distinguished place to watch the sunset. This makes an excellent spot for a picnic with friends, significant others, or family.

If you are not much into strolling, other great attractions about Al Zorah Marina include the expansive golf course and Funtastico kids’ theme park.

Kayak at Al Zorah Nature Reserve

Located at Al Ittihad Road, Al Zorah Nature Reserve is a perfect spot for nature lovers. This place is a kind abode for birds and water creatures. Serene water scenery, a dense crowd of mangroves, sky covered with flying birds, this place is perfect!

The main attraction at Al Zorah Nature Reserve is Kayaking. It’s a life-granting experience and is worth your time.

Visit Sheikh Zayed Ajman Mosque

A wonderful sight, with perfect Arabian architecture, and picturesque buildings from inside and outside, Sheikh Zayed Ajman Mosque never fails to impress who beholds it. It’s the prime religious attraction in Ajman and once you get to see it, you will fail to hold back your admiration for the design. The artistic details of the mosque are amazing.

It’s located on University street in Al Jerf 2. A quick tip: do not forget to take a picture. It’s a place for perfect portraits!

Visit the Dhows Yard

Dhows Yard in UAE is the biggest dhow construction in the world. This makes it one of the best places to visit in Ajman. It’s located at Ajman Marina.

Also, it is very exciting to see a wooden boat being made from scratch. The skilled workers who do this do not use any manual or books to do so, they do it entirely in their mind using the technique they have adopted from their ancestors. This is a unique experience, one that will reside in your mind for a long time.

Check Out Saleh Souk Markets

Located at Al Owan, Saleh Souk is a splendid place famous for its traditional tailored shops. These shops are beautiful and they add to the beauty of the amazing architecture of the Saleh Souk Market.

You will find here traditional Arabian wear. It’s kind of a place where you get to enjoy the history, and culture of Ajman along with shopping for gifts, textiles, and clothes.

Visit Al Jarah Cultural Center

Not everyone likes participating in physical activities. Some people are into culture and history and like to visit places where they can observe and feel close to their ancestors. For such people, Al Jarah Cultural Center is one of the notable attractions in Ajman. It contains everything to study the ancestral background of Ajman.

There is also a dense library filled with books on different topics. You are not going to regret this place.

Try Overnight Desert Safari

The last one on our list of best things to do in Ajman is Desert Safari; a great place for people who love adventures. Although there are numerous activities to do in the desert including camel riding, sandboarding, and dune bashing, the safari is surely the most epic one. If you like experiencing an adrenaline rush, the desert safari is your activity!

Well, in case you were wondering about visiting Ajman, we hope we have answered your question. If you are interested in Dubai, check out our article’s top 10 places to visit in Dubai.

When you visit Ajman, do surely visit these sites as soon as possible and let us know your reviews.