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Initially, the COVID 19 pandemic held the whole world still. Gradually, as our understanding of the virus grew, each country stepped up and introduced rules and regulations to combat the spread of the virus. Currently, the world has moved from basic precautionary measures to administering the COVID vaccine and rules in Dubai were implemented for everyone’s safety. If you’ve not yet taken the vaccine, book an appointment with any of the health services in the UAE to book your slot.

Dubai, being the epicentre of both the tourism and business hub, constantly revises its precautionary measures according to the situation. The Supreme Court of Crisis and Disaster rolled out new Covid rules and restrictions on May 17th, 2021. This blog addresses some common FAQs related to covid rules.

  • Do I need to wear a mask in public places if I am vaccinated?

Yes, a face mask is a MUST in public places even if you’ve got the covid vaccine or not, rules in Dubai regarding COVID must be followed. Apart from a face mask, one must practice the physical distancing of two meters. Note that, previously, the physical distancing restriction was three meters.

  • What are the imperative covid rules to attend a wedding ceremony in Dubai?

The first and foremost rule is that all the attendees and the staff must take the COVID vaccine and rules in Dubai are strict. Everyone should be wearing a mask and the number of attendees should not exceed 100 if the event is in a hotel or a hall. For home weddings, the maximum number of attendees is 30.

  • What are the COVID vaccine rules for sports events?

This is BIG! Dubai can now host not only sports events, but music concerts, gala dinners, and ceremonies as well, given that attendance remains below 70% of the total capacity. Like other events, covid vaccination for the staff is vital. Everyone, from the management to the attendees, should be vaccinated and must be wearing face masks.

For large public events, the maximum attendance is 1,500 indoor and 2,500 outdoor.

  • Will the women’s prayer rooms in mosques reopen soon?

As of June 19th, women’s prayer rooms in mosques are open again. They had remained closed since the initial lockdown in March 2020.

  • What are the rules for restaurant dine-in in Dubai?

In Dubai, the number of people who can sit together at a table together has increased from seven to ten.  Meanwhile, the maximum number sitting together in a café is six.

  • Are beach clubs and swimming pools open now?

Both the beach clubs and swimming pools are open now. To prevent crowing, loungers must be spaced two meters apart. The restriction of the face mask must be observed at all times except when swimming.

  • Can I remove my face mask sometime?

Wearing a face mask is mandatory; not just in Dubai, but all over UAE. It is implemented with a fine of 3,000 Dh for anyone who violates it.

You can only take off your face mask on certain occasions. For example, you can take it off while eating at a restaurant or swimming in a pool. In Dubai, you are allowed to remove your mask when you are exercising alone outdoors.

  • How many people can sit in a car together?

If the people in the car do not belong to the same family, only three can travel in the car. This includes the driver. However, if they belong to the same family, there can be more than three in the car. A face mask while travelling in a car is a must if the number of people in the car is more than one.

If it’s a taxi, no more than three people can sit in it.  But if it’s a Dubai Taxi van, it can accommodate up to four people as per revised covid rules.

  • What should I do if I am tested positive for corona?

If an individual is a Dubai resident and he starts showing mild symptoms of Covid-19, he must practice isolation at home for ten days. If the symptoms grow stronger, the individual must contact and inform Dubai Health Authority. This can be done via this number: (800 342).

  • Are tourists allowed to travel to UAE, or Dubai in particular?

Dubai has suffered a lot due to the covid pandemic. But it was also the leading emirate in the fight against its spread. Resultantly, Dubai was one of the first global destinations to reopen after the initial lockdown.

For the tourists coming in, a negative PCR test result is required to enter Dubai. This test must be received within 72 hours from the scheduled flight departure. For people coming from some selected countries, it is imperative to get tested again on arrival.

With these revised Dubai Vaccine Rules, life has begun to move towards normalcy pretty much for the vaccinated Dubai residents. The relaxing of the rules shows that UAE is on the right track in its fight against coronavirus. Also, here is a list of the approved vaccines in the UAE.